Work Appropriate Halloween Costume: Sookie Stackhouse

Work Appropriate Halloween Costume: Sookie Stackhouse
So, I now work in the corporate environment and was told that many people dress up for Halloween. However, I still must adhere to the dress code at work while dressing up; and, as it happens, our dress code is fairly strict. I am a huge fan of True Blood and happen to have the Merlotte’s t-shirt hanging in my closet right now, so, this is what I came up with. Read on for more details…..

Costume Breakdown


  • Merlotte’s t-shirt -> purchased from Hot Topic
  • Boot cut jeans since I can’t wear the ‘Sookie’ black shorts to work
  • Converse in black for shoes


  • Unfortunately, I recently cut my long sookie-like hair. Also, I’m a redhead, not a blonde. I do not want to wear a wig, so I plan on mimicking her ‘girl-next-door’ hairstyles by using a headband with some loose curls.


  • Again, Sookie rocks a ‘girl-next-door’ look. I plan on using my foundation to get a nice, porcelain skin base. I will use a light crease color just to create a little dimension and line with black liner. She has uber-long lashes, so I’ll put some falsies on as well. A light, blue based pink gloss will finish the look.
  • I’ll use a long wearing lipstick in red to create fang bites on my neck for some pizzazz. 🙂

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