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Physician’s Formula New PH Matchmaker Bronzer Review, Pictures, and Swatches.

Physician's Formula PH Matchmaker Bronzer

Physician’s Formula PH Matchmaker Bronzer in Light – Outside Packaging

Spring is here and with it come new drugstore products! The drugstore lines have all really stepped up to the high-end plate and cranked out tons of new, innovative, items! I purchased this bronzer in February when Physician’s Formula’s new products hit the shelves. I have waited until now to review this because, honestly, I’ve been using it everyday and had to pull it out of my bag to take pictures and swatches. I love this bronzer – it is my new holy grail bronzer y’all! Read on for more…..

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The best Foundation Brush Ever! The Eco Tools Bronzer Brush. Pictures and Review.

Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush

Eco tools Bronzer Brush

I thought that my favorite makeup brush deserved its own post – so here it is! I love Eco Tools so much and this brush is my newly discovered favorite. It’s the bronzer brush which is designed for bronzer, however it makes an awesome foundation brush. Keep Reading for more…

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Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful Bronzing Palette Swatches and Review

Too Faced The Bronzed and the Beautiful Packaging

Too Faced ‘The Bronzed and the Beautiful’ Palette Packaging

Ahh, Too Faced, how I love Thee! I think this is my first Too Faced post on the new blog, which is surprising. Many of you probably don’t know but Too Faced is what kicked my love of makeup into full gear. I went to Ulta one day and decided to check out the prestige section and discovered this brand I’d never heard of – Too Faced. The packaging is so cute that I bought a product or two without even knowing how incredibly high quality it is. From there on, I have tried to achieve my goal of ‘eat, sleep, breathe’ makeup. I dug this product out as part of my ‘use up my stash’ challenge where I’m trying to grab products I have neglected in the recent past and use them up. Continue reading for my rave review and more too faced goodness!

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NYX Cosmetics Tango With Bronzing Stix Review and Swatches

NYX Tango With Bronzing Stix Packaging from Front and Back

NYX Cosmetics Tango With Bronzing Stix Packaging shown from both front and back

I know I have only posted about the NYX candy liners thus far but let me say, I LOVE NYX Cosmetics! NYX hasn’t made a single product I’ve regretted buying and they have a very reasonable price tag. They have a great color selection and pigmentation to their products. The products I’m showing you today are new and I spotted them at my local Ulta on my last trip. I just had to have these and I’ll tell you why. 1.) I am obsessed with cream bronzers and 2.) I trust that NYX won’t let me down in the actual product I buy. I know some don’t like cream bronzers but I will forever buy cream bronzers for everyday contouring. They are so much easier to blend than the powders. I put my foundation/concealer on and then put the cream bronzer on the contours of my cheeks. I then simply blend that in with my foundation brush and it magically makes me look contoured without looking unnatural. I posted on a new cream bronzer I got from MAC which I simply adore but it’s limited edition, so I”m constantly looking for new cream bronzers I love. Did I love these as much? Read on…..

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Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Review and Swatches

It’s summer time and that means bronzers are in season! Although I must say that I use a bronzer year round to countour my very round face and make it look more angled. So, to me, bronzers are an all year staple. The bronzer I’m showing you today is the Physician’s formula Bronze Booster. My color is ‘fair to light’ as I’m pretty pale. It is a matte bronzer that can be bought from the drugstore. Physician’s formula is often more pricier than other drugstore lines but you can usually find a good sale on a regular basis. In fact, I got this product from Target when they had the ‘buy two get a five dollar gift card’ deal. Not too shabby.

On to the review. What I love about this bronzer is that it is MATTE! For a great contour color to look realistic it needs to be matte. People don’t shimmer naturally so a shimmery bronzer will not look as authentic as a matte one. Plus, I love that this bronzer is not too dark for my skin. I have encountered both of these problems with typical drugstore bronzers and Physician’s formula has solved this a great way. I also will say that I love the packaging. It’s sturdy, clean, attractive and compact. They give you a tiny brush that is housed in the bottom compartment of the packaging but I never use this. I find the brush is too small and stiff. It could be good for touch-ups however. I really don’t have any complaints about this bronzer as it is my favorite drugstore powder bronzer. I do still prefer a cream bronzer and I’m still seaching for the perfect drugstore cream bronzer. I’ll let you know when I find it. 🙂 On with the pictures…..

Physicians formula bronze booster packaging

This is the outside packaging of the bronzer. I love that it’s in a bronze color which reminds you – ‘hey, I’m a bronzer…remember me?!?’

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