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Wet N Wild Megalast in Disturbia Swatches and Review

Beautysets - Wet N Wild Disturbia
Products used and the order in which they were applied for this manicure
So I know I have not been good at keeping up with the blog. I’m hoping to be publishing more posts considering my new android phone with a great camera. I am so excited for fall and winter…’s easily and hands down my favorite time of the year. In honor of that, I’ve got a great, vampy nail polish to show you…..

Pop Beauty Nail Polish in ‘After Hours’ – Pictures and swatches

Pop Beauty for Costco in 'After Hours'

Pop Beauty (for Costco) Nail Polish in ‘After Hours’

I was recently at costco and noticed pop beauty had a set of (smaller than full size) nail polishes for a very reasonable price. I took this as an opportunity to try out the line as I have never tried any of their products. I started with the shade that appealed to me most – a dark, yet obviously blue color named, ‘after hours.’ I love the color so much,  I’ve been wearing it for the past three days and reapplying when I see chips. Read on for more……

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Butter London Saucy Jack Swatches and Review

Butter London Saucy Jack Bottle

Butter London Saucy Jack Bottle

Butter London ‘Saucy Jack’ – Swatches and Review

Butter London is a prestige polish brand which can be a little pricey. Each polish typically retaisl for around $15.00 a piece. Now, if you’re a polish collector like me, a sale is a chance to buy some Butter. Ulta recently had a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I picked up ‘saucy jack’ to be part of my collection. Read on for more……

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China Glaze Ruby Pumps Swatch + Sally Hansen Midnight in NY Swatch

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Another Nail Polish Swatch. This is China Glaze’s ‘Ruby Pumps’ and Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in ‘Midnight in NY’. Ruby pumps is the red, glittery color; the color is non-so-subtley named after Dorothy’s shoes in The Wizard of Oz. I love this color! I love glitter and this color is packed with it!

I put ‘Midnight in NY’ on my index finger only just to change things up; so, that’s why you only see ‘Midnight’ on one finger only. I of course love China Glaze and will say that the formula, brush, whole kit-n-kaboodle is awesome. I didn’t expect that much from Sally Hansen, in all honesty, because as good of a drugstore brand as it is, I didn’t really expect it to live up to the higher end polishes. I was pleasently suprised. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon formula is VERY good. It kept up with the China Glaze as far as wear. I would also reccomend this formula for those of you who want to use a good drugstore formula.