LA Splash Glitter Eyeshadow look for Date Night

LA Splash Tantrum Teal Eyeshadow Look

Eyeshadow Look using LASplash’s ‘Tantrum Teal’ glitter Eyeshadow

I’m coming to you today with my first ‘look’ on the new blog! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I LOVE my glitter! Because of this, I have a tendency to raid Ulta’s supply of NYX candy glitter liners and LASplash’s glitter eyeshadow. As far as glitter goes, I think LASplash makes the best loose eyeshadow and sticky base, especially for the money. I also love MAC glitters but most are not eye safe and that’s not fun since I use glitter mainly on my eyes. This look was one I wore on a date night out. I used the glitter, black shadow, and some false lashes to complete it. Read on if you want to see more…..


Here’s my mini-review. LASplash glitter is so awesome! They are cheap, can be found at Ulta or online (i.e., and come in a variety of colors. They pair perfectly with LASplash’s ‘splash proof sealer’ which serves as a sticky base for the glitter. The sealer + glitter = your glitter stays awesome all day/night. I really cannot endorse this stuff enough. I have a variety of colors and love them to pieces. The only people I can see not liking this stuff is people who don’t like glitter or like the feeling of chunky glitter on their eyes. This stuff is Ke$ha worthy glitter. 🙂

LA Splash Tantrum Teal Eyeshadow


1.) I applied NYX’s HD primer to the entire lid for a base. Then, I applied MAC’s ‘bare study’ paintpot to give a nice champagne base to the lids.

2.) I applied a matte black shadow to the crease and blended. I kept it to the outer third of the lid to make room for the glitter. You don’t want powder shadow where the sticky base will be since the applicator of the base will wipe away the powder and leave a mess.

3.) I applied the LASplash ‘splash proof sealer’ eyeshadow sealer base to the inner two thirds of the lid (the part without powder shadow). Working quickly before the base dried, I applied LASplash’s glitter mineral eyeshadow in ‘tantrum teal’ over the sticky base. Keep patting it on until you get the opacity you desire.

4.) Apply black liquid liner to upper lashline and wing it out. I used milani’s eyetech liquid eyeliner in black.

5.) Apply gel eyeliner to bottom waterline. I used maybelline’s eyestudio gel eyeliner in ‘black’ and applied it by dipping the tip of a black eyeliner pencil in the gel.

6.) Apply  black eyeliner to outer two thirds of lower lashline, I used Cover Girl’s liquiline blast in ‘black fire’. Smudge that eyeliner out with a brush, q-tip or your finger. I used a concealer brush to do this.

7.) Now, take a teal shadow and apply it to the inner one third of the lower lashline to balance out that black eyeliner we just applied. I used the teal shade from Wet N Wild’s ‘blue had me at hello’ and applied that with a liner brush from Essence of Beauty.

8.) Finally, apply false lashes. I used Ardell lashes here (don’t remember the number!). Cover up the band with more black eyeliner if needed.



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  1. awesome !

  2. This eyemake up is really beautiful! Good job!

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