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Wet N Wild Megalast in Disturbia Swatches and Review

Beautysets - Wet N Wild Disturbia
Products used and the order in which they were applied for this manicure
So I know I have not been good at keeping up with the blog. I’m hoping to be publishing more posts considering my new android phone with a great camera. I am so excited for fall and winter…’s easily and hands down my favorite time of the year. In honor of that, I’ve got a great, vampy nail polish to show you…..

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Precocious Review, Pictures, and Swatches

Revlon colorstay 16 hour eyeshadow quad in precocious outside packaging

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Precocious, outside packaging

More new drugstore reviews! So exciting! This is one of Revlon’s new offerings for spring. These quads are intended to be the next generation of the colorstay quads that have already been around for a while. The biggest difference I notice between the old quads and the new one quads is the color range! These new quads have more bright and other non-neutral colors to choose from. However, for my first purchase, I tried to stay a little neutral with Precocious…. Read on for more!

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Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment Swatches and Mini Review

Wet N Wild Silent Treatment Packaging

Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in ‘Silent Treatment’

I’m here today with one of my all time favorite color icon trios from Wet N Wild. I haven’t done a post on Wet N Wild eyeshadows up until this point but prepare now because I’m about to RAVE about these. I cannot say enough great things about Wet N Wild. I re-discovered them last year when I read about them in the beauty blogger community and on the youtube beauty community. I remembered Wet N Wild from high school and associated it with ‘cheap makeup’ both in price and quality. Boy was I wrong! Wet N Wild is very budget friendly (I think the color icon trios cost me 2.99 each) but they are extremely high quality! In my opinion, they make the absolute best drugstore eyeshadows and I don’t think my opinion will ever change on this. Do not be fooled by the low price tag! These eyeshadows are creamy, extremely pigmented, easy to blend, and come in a great variety of colors! I have just about every palette this company makes. Buying Wet N Wild is an easy way to get lots of colors in your library while not spending a lot of money. And seriously people, I compare the quality of these shadows to that of MAC and Urban Decay. Seriously – nothing bad to say about Wet N Wild or the shadows. In fact, I’m furiously trying to find the new Limited edition collection that was just released and won’t be satisfied till I have all the colors! Go get some wet n wild! Read on for more…..

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Wet N Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Fuchsia Rama Swatch and Review

I often go with my favorite nail polish colors over and over again: blue, purple, black, teals, and other deep dark colors. I wanted to change it up a bit today and decided to wear Wet N Wild’s ‘Fuchsia Rama’ from their Fast Dry collection. Click on for the slideshow….. Read on for the Review….

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