Foundation Matches for NW20 Skin! Updated for Fall 2015!

  • My NW20 Skintone
My skintone – NW20

This is a post for those of you fair girls like me. I know it’s so frustrating to find a drugstore foundation that matches you perfectly, and since I’ve had a lot of luck with drugstore foundations in the recent months, I thought I’d share that with you.

My Drugstore History

I’ve typically avoided drugstore foundations because I could NEVER find a good match. I tried tons and never got a good one. So, for the last few years, I’ve been using higher end foundations like Bare Minerals, Clinique, etc… I’d always wanted success with a drugstore foundation because I wear foundation every day and it gets costly when your foundation runs more than 20 dollars. The foundation that changed all that was Revlon’s Colorstay. I looked at the colors and thought ‘Buff’ was a good match. I took it home and surprise, surprise, it not only matched perfectly but wore fantastically. I was in love. The great thing about ‘Buff’ is it is very neutral – not too yellow and not too pink. So, when buying other foundations, I compare them to Buff. That’s how I picked my colors. I recommend this method for anyone looking to try drugstore foundations. Pretty soon, after you find a few matches, you can look at the bottles and discern which will look best on your intuitively. On with the foundations…..

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW20)

As I stated in the title, I’m a NW 20 which means that I have cool undertones that need to be neutralized by a yellow toned foundation. For all my fair, pink toned girls out there, do not buy foundations that are pink tinged because it will only look odd. You really need that yellow color to even out your skin and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how natural it looks. As far as the foundation goes, I love it! It stays all day, looks great, and stays matte. I just go between this foundation and my drugstore ones to save myself some money. 🙂 If you get matched at a MAC counter, you can always bring that bottle with you into the drugstore to compare; however, you may not have a lot of luck with this method as many drugstore foundations are much more neutral than yellow toned so the colors won’t match exactly. In the picture above, I’m wearing MAC studio fix. Great high end foundation!!!



Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation (Classic Ivory) – DISCONTINUED

Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation  (Classic Ivory)

This foundation is new from covergirl for the 2015 season. This is basically a ‘luminous’ version of the Outlast Stay Fabulous. It’s even identical down to the packaging. This foundation is unique in that it is advertised to give one a dewy look but still stay put all day. Typically, these two attributes don’t go together in a foundation. Most of the time, a luminous foundation with a dewy finish comes off easily. While this doesn’t stay as well as the original outlast, it is probably the best dewey finish I’ve found with some staying power.

What I like:

  • Medium coverage
  • Stays in place for quite a while but does wipe off by the end of the day.
  • dewy finish
  • good color selection with plenty of yellow based, pink based, and neutral shades
  • Easy to pick a shade if you’ve already worn another covergirl foundation that matches. Classic Ivory in Outlast matches Classic Ivory in their other foundations.
  • Good price point and easy to find coupons and savings.
  • Sturdy packaging in a glass jar with pump
  • Does not oxidize
  • easy to apply
  • No glitter particles that I can see

What I don’t like:

  • It does come off, eventually; much earlier than the original outlast
  • I still need to use powder to set it, which negates the ‘luminous’ effect
  • Not as much coverage as I would like – you will need to use concealer with this one.


Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 (Ivory)

This is the new, much talked about, much buzzed, foundation from Covergirl. I have to admit, with my history with Covergirl foundations, I was hesitant to expect much from this one. Let me tell you, I’m happy to tell you that I love this foundation! I have missed Covergirl’s old longwear foundation -> the Continuous wear formula that was discontinued. As far as shades go, I will say that the colors for all their foundations seem to be pretty consistent. I wear Ivory in every single covergirl foundation I’ve tried and there’s no difference with this foundation.. Also, I will say that though I’m a cool toned girl, the neutral shade works best for me. It leans a bit gray but that works perfectly for my skin. With a long wear time, matte finish, good color range, and ease of application, this is a foundation I’ve already bought two bottles of! I love this one and not only recommend it but hope that Covergirl keeps it around!

What I like:

  • Medium to high coverage
  • Stays in place all day
  • Matte finish
  • good color selection with plenty of yellow based, pink based, and neutral shades
  • Easy to pick a shade if you’ve already worn another covergirl foundation that matches. Ivory in Outlast matches Ivory in Clean for me.
  • sets quickly
  • Good price point and easy to find coupons and savings.
  • Sturdy packaging in a glass jar with pump
  • Does not oxidize
  • thick texture but not difficult to apply

What I don’t like:

  • My pump malfunctioned on the second bottle I bought. This was probably because I dropped it…..oops.

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous (Classic Ivory)

You guys know Katy Perry, right? Well, this is the foundation she originally endorsed. That piques everyone’s interest, right? Plus, with a name like, ready, set Gorgeous, it just screams quick and easy. This foundation boasts a matte formula, and a ‘built in powder system’ which Cover Girl claims to eliminate shine. I have to tell you, this is my new favorite covergirl foundation. It has great coverage in one layer, and it does seem to keep my oily skin matte for longer. This one is a winner. If you combine it with the powder foundation, you have SUPER coverage.

What I like:

  • Medium to high coverage
  • Stays in place all day
  • Matte finish
  • Keeps oil at bay longer than most foundations.
  • Very easy to blend and it’s high coverage only needs one layer for all imperfections to be masked.
  • Easy to pick a shade if you’ve already worn another covergirl foundation that matches.
  • sets quickly
  • Good price point and easy to find coupons and savings.
  • Squeeze tube is hygienic and easy to dispense.
  • Does not oxidize
  • thick texture but not difficult to apply
  • The Powder foundation that matches the colors in the liquid line is GREAT for touch ups or as a powder for even higher coverage.

What I don’t like:

  • There isn’t much I don’t like!



Revlon Nearly NAKED (Ivory)

This is one of Revlon’s newest foundations. I assume from the packaging and purpose that it was an attempt at an affordable Urban Decay Naked dupe. If you notice, even the font for the packaging is the same as Urban’s. This is one I’m glad I tried, will probably use up, but won’t repurchase. There’s nothing blatantly wrong with it; my problem is the coverage. This is a sheer coverage foundation and I like my foundations to be at least medium. Honestly, the BB cream does as good a job at covering as this one. Keep in mind that if you like Urban Decay’s Naked, you may love this. I never bought Urban’s Naked for the same reason I don’t like this foundation – coverage. I’m Ivory in this one.

What I like:

  • Nice packaging – sturdy glass bottle
  • Color matches my skin very well
  • Would probably work great for people who don’t need very much coverage.
  • Nice price point and plenty of coupons/sales.

What I don’t like:

  • Coverage is very sheer for me.
  • Applies thinly

Revlon Photoready BB Cream(Light)

I don’t really put BB cream’s on this site since they don’t really qualify to me as foundations. Plus, it’s super easy to get a match in a BB cream that only has three shades. We light-skinned girls jut pick out the lightest color and hope it works. I mention this one because it’s my favorite of all the BB creams I’ve tried. I’ve tried quite a few of them -> the Maybelline, Garnier, L’oreal, and this one. I like this BB cream because it has a heavier coverage than all the other BB creams and I actually wear this one on days where I want a lighter coverage and it’s perfect. I’m in the lightest shade – Light.

What I liked:

  • Packaging allows you to see the shade inside the tube.
  • Nice, thick consistency that ends up being slightly heavier coverage than a tinted moisturizer.
  • Perfect amount of coverage for a summer day.
  • Doesn’t dry matte but isn’t shiny either
  • Can put this on in a hurry and look pretty darn good – jut rub it in with your fingers.
  • The shade matches my skin very well despite the fact it’s supposed to cover a wide range of skin tones.
  • Great coverage for a BB cream

What I didn’t like:

  • Because it is a lighter coverage, I don’t wear it when I want a perfectly flawless look but otherwise, it’s awesome.

Revlon Colorstay(buff)

Oh, colorstay how I adore thee! I’m in the color ‘buff’ for colorstay. It is a very neutral color with just slight yellowness to it. It wears all day, stays matte, and looks great! They have two versions one for dry skin and one for oily – I like both! The version for oily skin is thicker though, so I apply it with a wet sponge to thin it out.

What I like:

  • Medium to high coverage
  • Stays in place all day
  • Matte finish
  • neutral/yellow color
  • lots of shades to choose from.
  • sets quickly
  • choice of formulas for either oily skin or dry.
  • price point is very reasonable.

What I don’t like:

  • No pump.

NEW for 2012! Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup (buff)

Colorstay whipped is one of Revlon’s many new products this year. A sister to the original Colorstay foundation, this one is whipped and presented in a glass jar. This foundation caused a Youtube flurry of positive reviews and naturally, my colorstay-loving-self was definitely going to try it. This foundation claims 24 hour wear, no flaking, and no fading. I picked up the color “buff” as it is my regular colorstay shade, and I figured….can’t go wrong with that. I gotta say, I love this stuff.

What I liked:

  • Sturdy, high-quality packaging. Comes in a glass jar.
  • Color matches me perfectly.
  • Foundation feels light and creamy on skin.
  • Medium to high coverage and applies evenly and easily.
  • Haven’t tested the 24 hour claim, but it does stay on all day in Georgia heat.
  • Easy to set and provides matte finish
  • Price point is very reasonable.

What I didn’t like:

  • From what I can tell, the shade line is more limited than it is with the original colorstay.
  • You have to dispense the product by dipping your finger or brush in the pot

I love this foundation. I bought a jar and used it constantly until I ran out. I then went out and repurchased it. As for which is better, the whipped or the original…… I wouldn’t say it’s a matter of better since they both rock. I tend to wear the original colorstay more in the winter and the whipped more in the summer. I like the feeling of weightlessness the creme provides during the summer but don’t need that necessarily in the winter.

Revlon Photoready(Vanilla)

This is the second foundation I tried from the drugstore and I love it as well! I have to tell you that I’m not reviewing foundations I don’t like here. I love them all! I’ll list some I didn’t have luck with at the end. This one does have shimmer in it – you don’t look glittery with it on but you can see the shimmer in full sunlight. It’s not bad though – don’t worry, you won’t look like Edward in the sun! My color is 002 ‘Vanilla’

What I liked:

  • Has a Pump – yay!!
  • Fewer shades in the line compared to colorstay, but I was still able to find a good match
  • Medium coverage but buildable
  • Goes on very smoothly and gives a dewy finish – you can mattify this with powder
  • Wears all day for me

What I didn’t like:

  • I’d say that the limited color selection could cause trouble for some but it wasn’t an issue for me.

Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage(split: fresh ivory & bare buff)

Still keeping with the brand, I purchased the newest addition to Revlon’s foundation line. This one is a cream foundation compared the the earlier liquids. I initially purchased ‘bare buff’ as I thought it would be a great match. I put it on and it looked a little muddy on me, so I went back to the store and looked at the lightest shade in the range. I didn’t think the lightest shade, ‘fresh ivory’, would be dark enough but I bought it because I had a feeling that it would be perfect mixed with ‘bare buff.’ Well, I was right! My shade in this foundation is a half and half mix of 05 Fresh Ivory and 10 Bare Buff.

What I liked:

  • Has a pump
  • very creamy consistency, I’d recommend for dry skin. For combo skin like mine, just set with powder all over
  • Limited shade range – I have to mix foundations to get my perfect match.
  • Stays all day and applies like a dream
  • Does contain shimmer but it’s not noticeable unless you’re in direct sunlight
  • Solid medium coverage foundation here. Dewy finish but mattifies with powder.

What I didn’t like:

  • Mixing shades causes me to use the foundation less than others.



Maybelline Fit me Shine Free Foundation Stick (115, Ivory)

This is the first foundation stick that’s been released in years (since the 90’s I believe)! I remember using a maybelline foundation stick when they were last out and I enjoyed it. The only thing I didn’t like about the stick foundation was the tendency towards streakiness. I had to try this one due to the ‘shine free’ claim and as I’ve stated before, my skin is stupid oily! I noticed, this one is still streaky but that may be user error!

What I liked:

  • Stick form makes it easy to spot cover.
  • Is very matte but doesn’t stay matte as long as L’oreal magic nude
  • Super easy to match colors if you have already used the original fitme. My shade match is identical.
  • Not super thick like most stick foundations, really feels like a gel.
  • Easy to build

What I didn’t like:

  • Streaky application (again, could be user error). Stick form can be difficult to master.

Maybelline Superstay 24HR Makeup(sand beige)

This one I tried after my mom recommended it! Love talking makeup with my mom and sister! My mother said she liked this one more than colorstay, so I knew I needed to try it after she told me this. My shade in this one is ‘sand beige.’ This shade is very neutral and is a little darker than the other foundations I’ve mentioned but it still matches nonetheless. I would say that this is very analogous to colorstay – it’s just maybelline’s version.

What I liked:

  • Stays on all day just like my colorstay! It’s definitely in it for the long haul.
  • Medium to high coverage.
  • Not as many shades to choose from compared with colorstay, but still matches me just fine.
  • Feels like the dry skin version of colorstay as far as consistency and blendability. Easy to blend and doesn’t set too fast.

What I didn’t like:

  • No pump.
  • Limited shade range.

Maybelline Fit Me(120 summer/115 winter)

This is a foundation I heard varying reviews about but decided to buy it when it was on super sale and I got it for darn near free. This is one of the most exciting things about drugstore foundations – sales and coupons making it soooo cheap! Anyway, Fit me is designed to be easily matched to many skintones. I picked out shade 120 Classic Ivory. this foundation is more yellow than the one below it.

Update for Winter of 2012: 

I discovered that 120 is my summer color. During the winter, when my skin is much paler, I need 115. However, 115 matches perfectly. Still love this foundation.

What I like:

  • Medium coverage
  • Wide range of foundation colors and easy matching system.
  • High quality glass bottle
  • Goes on smoothly and sets easily. Stays on all day as well.

What I don’t like:

  • No pump.
  • It’s not a super high coverage foundation so it’s not good if you want a high coverage level. Not bad though, not bad.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless (115 winter)

Finally! Maybelline fixed the problems I had with the original Fit me! This is the same color lineup as the original fit me, but the finish is different. Instead of getting a dewy finish, this has a matte finish with claims to reduce the appearance of pores. I really like this one. It’s still not a high coverage foundation but it stays put MUCH better than the original. I don’t seem to get as oily either. If you like the fit me lineup, you NEED to try this one. 


What I like:

  • Medium coverage
  • Wide range of foundation colors and easy matching system.
  • High quality glass bottle
  • Goes on smoothly and sets easily. Stays on all day as well.
  • Higher coverage than the original Fit me.
  • Keeps oil at bay much longer than original.
  • Creates a better finish overall than original.
  • Fit me concealer pairs very well with this foundation. This concealer is one of my all time favorites.

What I don’t like:

  • No pump.
  • Still not a high coverage foundation

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse(classic ivory)

This is a recent discovery of mine. I tend to buy other brands over maybelline since their color selection isn’t as conducive to fair skintones as say revlon (in my personal opinion). However, with careful picking of the color, I have found a few foundations that match well. The maybelline formula has never disappointed me, however. My color in Dream liquid mousse is ‘Classic Ivory’ which is labled by Maybelline as ‘Light 2.’ This is the typical color I wear in most foundation lines. This formula does lean much more yellow than pink so a careful color choice is even more important for fair skin tones.

Here’s what I like about the foundation:

  • Has a pump
  • The foundation give a great medium coverage and is build-able
  • Foundation is long wearing for me
  • A little foundation will cover my whole face
  • Very creamy and light texture

What I didn’t Like:

  • Limited shade selection in lighter tones – this makes it more difficult to match the perfect color (especially in the drugstore where you can’t test).

That’s about it – this is a great foundation!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind – The Lifter(creamy ivory)

This is a new one from Maybelline in the past year. This one claims to have a primer and foundation in one plus ‘lifting’. I’m assuming the ‘lifting’ part comes from the built-in primer. I do really like this foundation and it’s been my most used Maybelliene foundation as of late. I’m the lightest color that my CVS carries in this foundaiton and it does match very well. It does lean yellow as most Maybelline foundations do. You can tell it has primer inside because it has a silicone-y feel and has a whipped texture.

Here’s what I like about the foundation:

  • Nice, creamy, whipped texture.
  • Easy to apply and the built-in primer makes it look very smooth and flawless
  • Medium coverage which is enough for me with about 2 passes over the face.
  • Stays on all day but not as matte as Colorstay.
  • Nice packaging with a DNA helix sort of look – complete with pump.
  • Easy to tell when you’re running out because pump ascends the bottle as you use it.

What I didn’t Like:

  • Could have more of a matte finish but other than that, I really like this one.

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation (Porcelain)

Brand Spankin new from maybelline for the 2015 summer season, this foundation has some pretty awesome claims. It’s part of the Superstay line, so it should have the superstay ‘stay put’ power; plus, it claims to improve skin with use. It contains vitamin C, and it claims to improve the look of skin in just three weeks with daily wear. I’m assuming the vitamin C is supposed to eliminate dark spots, though the company doesn’t say what exactly it will improve. Overall, I think it’s a pretty good foundation; I do wish it had better coverage though!

Here’s what I like about the foundation:

  • Does stay on fairly well for the coverage level.
  • Is medium coverage foundation. You will need concealer with this if you have breakouts or other imperfections.
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts for me; perhaps the vitamin C does help your skin!
  • Concealer that pairs with this foundation has great coverage and is an excellent partner to the foudnation.
  • Stays on all day but not as matte as Colorstay.
  • Nice packaging with a pump.
  • Nice range of light shades – something I always thought maybelline needed to improve.

What I didn’t Like:

  • I would like this much better if it had a higher coverage level; though there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just an improvement I would make.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation(classic ivory)

I was a little worried about trying this one since I had terrible luck with the skin clearing foundation in college! But, after hearing such good reviews, I decided to try it. I am the lightest shade, 10 Classic Ivory. This one is really good compared with the skin clearing foundation that I did not like.

What I like:

  • Makes skin feel super smooth
  • applies very evenly and gives a medium coverage
  • applies effortlessly
  • leans yellow, which is not a bad thing!
  • fewer shades, I’m the lightest in the line so that may be limiting for paler skin tones.

What I didn’t like:

  •  Limited shade range, but again, that hasn’t presented a problem to me. Classic ivory matches me perfectly and leans yellow enough to cover up my red undertones – love that!!
  • No pump and this stuff pours out fast.


L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation (classic ivory) – LOVE

Another brand new foundation for the summer of 2015 season, this one is a WINNER! L’oreal re-branded all the infallible products and came out with some great stuff. This, my friends, is my favorite foundation right now. I don’t normally buy many foundations over and over because I’m always trying new stuff, but I repurchased this a few times. I would call this a dupe for dermablend. It has high coverage, matte finish, and stays better than any other drugstore foundation I’ve used. Way to go, L’oreal, way to go!

What I liked:

  • High coverage – one layer is all you need. No concealer needed either!
  • Applies evenly and easily.
  • Stays on all day long and keeps oil at bay.
  • Color selection is great and matches my skin tone perfectly.
  • Feels light for the amount of coverage that you get!
  • Matching powder is perfect with this foundation; it sets the foundation and gives additional coverage.
  • Easy to dispense in a squeeze tube.
  • Dupe for dermablend foundation

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing – this stuff is awesome.

L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder (Light Ivory)

So the draw of this one for me is the ‘liquid powder’ claim. I figured, ‘that means it will do great for my crazy-oily skin’! I have to say, it ain’t bad. It’s a bit different from other foundations. They recommend you apply it with your fingers and I ALWAYS use a brush for application. However, I followed the instructions for this one. It starts out as a liquid but you can feel it sort of transform to a powder finish after application. I read somewhere that it’s not recommended to use a powder after application but i ALWAYS use a powder. So, I set it with a powder. I like this foundation and I think it will be one of the summer staples. Even though I have a couple negatives for this one, I still think the good really outweighs the bad. What this one does well, it does REALLY well.

What I liked:

  • Very matte and dry finish to the foundation – good for oily skin
  • Medium coverage.
  • Sturdy bottle packaging
  • Seems to last longer on my oily skin than most.
  • Very light feeling foundation – great for summer.
  • Color matches my skin very well
  • Really cool transformation from liquid to powder

What I didn’t like:

  • Can’t use a brush to apply 😦 (or at least not reccomended)
  • Liquid comes out really fast!
  • Can be a bit difficult to blend

L’oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail Makeup (Soft Ivory)

I’m not sure how long this one has been in the market but I bought it after really liking the True Match Lumi foundation. The claim of 18 hour wear really drew me in. I do like this foundation but it’s not as long-lasting or matte as Colorstay. It does wear the longest of all the L’oreal foundations I’ve tried and I do like to wear this one for an average workday. I’m the lightest color I could find – Soft Ivory. The color matches very well with a yellow undertone.

What I liked:

  • Easy to apply with a thinner consistency than other long wear foundations
  • Medium Plus coverage. Not quite high but not totally medium.
  • Great packaging with a pump applicator.
  • Finishes matte and lasts throughout the whole workday
  • Highest coverage for a l’oreal foundation in my experience.

What I didn’t like:

  • Definitely not 18 hour wear. Good wear but could be better for that claim.

New for 2012! L’oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation (N1-2/Soft Ivory/Classic Ivory)

The highest rated foundation in the drugstore over and over again is L’oreal’s true match. I never tried the original true match as I just didn’t think it would provide anything special for me (high coverage, matte finish, etc…) That all changed when L’oreal released True Match Lumi. This foundation’s ‘deal’ is that it provides a glowy, luminous finish. Seriously, who doesn’t want that? With that is L’oreal’s true match system which has a wide range of shades designed to match nearly all skin tones. My color is N 1-2 – Classic Ivory/Soft Ivory and it’s so perfect!

What I liked:

  • The foundation color matched so perfectly to my skin and was easy to pick out in the drugstore.
  • Though it only claims 8 hour wear, I get a full days wear out of this foundation.
  • Applies evenly and easily. Buildable coverage to medium.
  • Has a pump
  • Does give a luminescent sort of finish and makes skin look really good.

What I didn’t like:

  • It’s only medium coverage, so there are days when I have to use concealer on top of the foundation.


New for 2012! Kat Von D’s Lock It Tattoo Foundation(light 44)

Three words y’all! HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATION! I knew this was going to get released this year and I patiently waited until it made it to my local sephora. I went bare faced to try on colors to get my perfect match. My color is Light 44; it leans a little yellow but matches wonderfully. See, I knew if this foundation was anything like her concealer, it was going to be a hit. This foundation boasts one of the highest pigment levels of all foundations at Sephora (21%) and it claims it can cover a tattoo. My high-coverage loving self needed this and I love it!

What I LOVE:

  • Color matches me beautifully
  • This…..stuff……covers. No concealer needed with it and it only takes two tiny squirts of foundation to do my whole face.
  • Price is very reasonable. It’s 34 dollars for the standard 1 oz size. When you think about what you get for this and how long it will last……it’s a bargain. There are plenty of other higher priced foundations that don’t cover nearly as well.
  • Matte finish – easy to set
  • Lasts all day and night. I’ve slept in the stuff and I wake up to a perfect face.
  • Sturdy packaging that is beautiful.
  • If I missed anything – this does it all.


  • Does have a silicone base, so if you’re sensitive to that, it could be a problem. I do have to make sure I don’t forget to take my makeup off before bed, or I’ll break out.

Foundations I don’t like:

  • Neutrogena skin clearing
  • Covergirl Clean
  • Revlon beyond natural skin matching foundation

My Favorites of all the foundations:

Kat Von D, Outlast, Colorstay, Photoready, and Healthy Skin.

****************************Discontinued Foundations*******************************************

L’oreal Magic Smooth Souffle(split: light ivory & nude beige) DISCONTINUED

So, originally, this foundation was on the ‘bad’ list. I had Nude Beige which was second lightest shade they had at my drugstore. Since then, I bought Light Ivory on a sale, hoping that it would be a match. Lo and behold, this one’s another mixer! My perfect match for this is a half and half blend of Light Ivory and Nude Beige.

Things I like:

  • My shade is a mix of nude beige and light ivory.
  • Has a primer built in. The ‘primer’ feel of this foundation is very similar to their magic perfecting base.
  • Medium coverage
  • Comes in very sturdy packaging – a glass container.

What I didn’t like:

  • I’d like a higher coverage than medium in a foundation of this price (15 dollars and up depending on your store).
  • When I have to mix foundation, I’m less likely to use it regularly.
  • Can be difficult to blend due to the whipped texture and silicone-like feel.

Covergirl Natureluxe(flax) – DISCONTINUED

This is a new foundation to the covergirl line and I decided to try it a while back. It’s shade matching system is different than the other covergirl foundations which I think is great. This one leans more yellow compared with the pinky colors in the other covergirl lines. This is the one endorsed by taylor swift. My shade is 310 Flax.

What I liked:

  • Dewy consistency and is diffucult to matte.
  • Applies almost like a whipped foundation, very creamy and light.
  • Coverage is a solid medium.
  • Shades on the bottle aren’t stickers, they’re actually a clear window to the foundation itself. Keep this in mind when browsing the drugstore!
  • Scented like cucunber. I like the smell, but others may not.
  • Leans yellow, which is nice.

What I didn’t like:

  • The coverage doesn’t last all day on me and my skin gets oily pretty quickly.
  • Can be hard to set with a powder for matte finish.

This is one I won’t be repurchasing since I prefer a longer lasting foundation.


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  2. Great blog. I am also an NW20. I am curious about the.dream matte mousse. Have you ever tried it and what would you suggest is a good match?

  3. I thought I already commented so I apologize if this shows up as a double. What do you sussgest as a match for the dream matte mousse? Im also an NW20 with pinkish red undertones but need medium to high coverage. Ive been using the mac atudio fix fluid but i need something less $$. I break out mostly during that time but sonetimes foundqtions will cause a few pimples here and there. This is such a great blog for this.

    • I’m not sure about the dream matte mousse as I haven’t tried it yet. However, I am also very prone to breakouts and the foundations I have on the list do fine with my skin. As for a medium to high coverage, I’d reccomend either revlon colorstay, maybelline superstay 24 hour, or maybelline dream liquid mousse.

      If you want a medium coverage foundation that also acts like a primer for pores, then go with the physician’s formula.

  4. Ah, thank you so, so much for this list. I apparently have very, very similar coloring (I actually have more yellow undertones, particularly around my neck, but a rather ruddy face, so I need a slightly yellow foundation). So far I have the CG Natureluxe in Flax and Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Classic Ivory, so I suspect that if I want to try the other foundations, I should check your list first. This should make choosing a foundation color in the others much, much easier.

  5. MAC’s foundation feels a bit too heavy for me these days – maybe I’m doing something wrong with application? I have pretty oily, problematic teenage skin so I like Cover FX’s Total Coverage Cream Foundation – it photographs well, and it doubles as this giant pot of concealer, so if you don’t need the coverage, you can always use it to neutralize any redness. I really am curious about the Kat Von D foundation – I’m on the hunt for my holy grail! 😀

    • I would say to try the Kat von D if you like cover fx. I think cover fx has a bit more pigment than Kat’s foundation but not much more. You may feel that the Kat Von D foundation is a bit heavy feeling at first though; just push on through that because the stuff is awesome. You can always apply the MAC foundation with a wet sponge and it may help blend and feel less heavy.

  6. nw foundations have more pink in the formula, nc contain more yellow.

  7. Thanks great review for NW 20 skin which I’m. I too have a growing list of colors that match me. Also what color is your hair I simply love it. I use Garnier Intense R2 for dark hair and it looks similar, but not as pretty. Thanks.

  8. Could you please let me know what the best concealer to use is for nw20. I have tried so many with no luck. Sometimes they are to light, some are to dry, and other just don’ conceal at all. Thanks so much!

    • Dana, I use a few different concealers. My favorite is hard candy’s glamoflauge in light. It provides a nice heavy coverage for problem areas. For under eye circles, garniers tinted anti dark circle roller is my favorite. For general concealing, I like maybelline fit me in fair. I also like the maybelline superstay concealer for a concealer that lasts a bit longer.

  9. Do you know what shade in the new Covergirl 3 in 1 Foundation matches NW20 MAC SFFF?

    • Yes I do! I need to update this post because I just started using the new cover girl foundation and LOVE it! I wear ivory and it matches perfectly.

      • Awesome!! is the COvergirl 3 in 1 a medium buildable to full like colorstay? I tried the Loreal Lumi the shade matches me perfectly!!…buttt i feel like it just sits on top of my skin and kins of dissolves by the end of the day almost looking piecy on my face if that makes any sense…..but my Revlon Colorstay i feel works alot better with my skin but i feel is a bit too tan for right now (300 Golden), I tried the shade you recc (150) but it was a little too pale…what shade in the Colorstay do you think would match the Loreal Lumi N1-2 ?? Thanks so much!!

      • So, for the covergirl question: I like it BETTER than colorstay. it covers just like colorstay but doesn’t apply like mud.It is my new go-to foundation. Absolutely love it. I don’t even need to use concealer with it.

        As for the colorstay shade: it’s hard for me to answer that for you since I wear lumi n1-2 AND buff in colorstay. But, my skin is pretty much always pale. You may want to go to the shade one up from buff and try that. If you don’t like the match, you can always take it back to the store and get a refund.

        I feel the same way about l’oreal lumi.I love the way it looks in the morning but it does disappear as the day goes by.

      • SO sorry lol have you tried the New Revlon NEarly NAked?

      • Yep, I have. I’m not a big fan. I like my foundations to have at least a medium or light-miedium coverage. I would say the nearly naked is def. a light coverage. I’d even venture to say that I like revlon’s bb cream better. The shade I wear in nearly naked is ivory. I considered trying vanilla since that’s the color I wear in photoready but I have seen reviews saying it runs dark. The ivory matches me well but I just don’t ever use it because of the coverage.

      • Have you tried Loreal TrueMatch superblendable liquid? If I’m the n1-2 in lumi is it the same shade in this foundation? Also have you tried Covergirl Trublend compact powder….opinions on it and color match?

      • Melissa: I haven’t tried l’oreal’s regular truematch foundation. I *assume* I would be the same shade in both lines but that’s not anything I’ve confirmed. As for the covergirl, I haven’t tried the powder but I find that *generall*, I’m always the same shade in all of covergirl’s offerings. So, I’m ‘ivory’ in their clean foundation, 3 in one, and powder foundation and they all match.

      • Now, is the color you recc in the Covergirl 3 in 1 lean toward the yellow/neutral like the Revlon and L’oreal? I ask that because in the past I noticed Covergirl has alot of pink tones in their foundations ( a no can do for me haha)….Now i have also heard rumors of the 3 in 1 oxidizing? Any thoughts on Maybelline Dream Matte Powder and Rimmel Stay Matte? Im in love with my Benefit Hellow Flawless but have found NOTHING close to comparison with how fine milled it is and smooth it goes on plus that it doesnt settle into lines or look cakey….

  10. im sorry im not sure if this showed up in your comment box…Have you tried Loreal TrueMatch superblendable liquid? If I’m the n1-2 in lumi is it the same shade in this foundation? Also have you tried Covergirl Trublend compact powder….opinions on it and color match?

  11. Perfect post! Which colour do you suggest (for a NW20 skin) in Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation SPF 18? Thanks 🙂

  12. i think i have just fell in love with you!! thank you soooo much for doing this blog post! i now know most of my shades in all the foundations i want to try! your amazing 🙂 do you mind if i put this as a guest post on my blog?

  13. What color are you in Revlon Nearly Naked?, if you’ve tried it.

    • I have tried it – and I’m updating the post today for all the new foundations. I’m 110 Ivory in nearly naked. not one of my favorites though – the coverage is very sheer.

  14. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been LOST since Estee Lauder changed out their colors, and well Fresco, is just WRONG now! I’ve tried several other options, and found Maybelline FIT 120 to be a good color, but not enough coverage. Then I saw your comment on Cover Girl’s new foundation in Ivory. I tried it, and even thought I thought it would be way too light going on, it was perfect. Thank you so much for helping me finally get back to ME again!! 😉

  15. Hey, I’m from New Zealand and have to order online so I can’t get colour matched. I want to get Urban Decay Naked skin and Makeup Forever HD but don’t know what colour I would be. I’m MAC NW20 as well, looking at your picture I think I’m exactly the same as you. What colours are you in UD Naked and MFE HD?

    • I really don’t know the answer to that! I’ve never tried either of those foundations. If i ever do buy them (the MFE HD is one I’d like to get one day) I will let you know!

    • Hi, Dani I have both foundations. The UD naked skin and the MUFE HD. I’m also a Mac NW20. In the UD I’m the shade 3.5 and that matches me spot on. In the MUFE HD I’m the shade 118 Flesh. But, was matched at Sephora to 120 Soft Sand. The only reason being that the Makeup artist told me to cancel out the red in my cheeks and nose I needed a little yellow in my foundation so that’s the color I bought. It works well for canceling out redness and once set with a powder the color match is good. I will when I’m finished with that color go and get the 118 one to try that one out. I hope this helps you.

  16. OMG this is the perfect post for me, im an NW20 in MAC studio sculpt foundation and the new mineralize moisture foundation!! This is soo helpful!

  17. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and I’m confused by your explanation of MAC NW…NW is actually “Neutral Warm” = caters to pink undertones…NC is “Neutral Cool” = caters to yellow undertones. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a “pink toned girl” to neutralize…it really depends on what her neck and decollete look like. You don’t want to look like your face is from someone else’s body. If your makeup ever takes on an orange hue, try the other side of the spectrum (meaning, if you are using NW and you look orange, try NC…not that I recommend MAC, just as example). Hopefully this helps.

    • You are correct. However, the NW/NC concept is one that MAC does use. Personally, I prefer a more neutral, mlmost grey foundation. With that said, I do like the MAC NW line as I am very red and for those of us who have a lot of red undertones, balancing that out with yellow is helpful.It’s up to each to decide and out of all the foundations and colors, I like Revlon colorstay best. It really is a more neutral color all around.

      • I’m just confused. I was a MAC artist for over four years. NC would balance redness, as it has a yellow base. The MAC system is used for most color comparisons…personally, I prefer Hourglass, UD and Tarte for performance, ingredients and cruelty-free 🙂 I am not against some drugstore/wallet friendly brands (as long as they are cruelty-free…a lot are not), but I feel foundations and primers are worth the splurge 🙂 I also like N – NC types, as I have olive skin with a lot of redness in my face :-/ To each their own and it’s a personal preference for sure.

      • Yeah Mandy makes sense as this was totally what I was meaning.

        NC = Yellow base FOR balancing pink based skin.
        NW = Pink base FOR balancing yellow based skin.

        So you are saying you have pink toned skin yet are using NW pink based. Which is what is confusing me too because that’s what you said “looks odd”.

        I think you are more neutral/yellow coloured than you think and the match just happens to work on you.

  18. The first part about NW20 tones is wrong.

    You said: “I’m a NW 20 which means that I have cool undertones that need to be neutralized by a yellow toned foundation.” This is wrong.

    You get it RIGHT here though: “For all my fair, pink toned girls out there, do not buy foundations that are pink tinged because it will only look odd. You really need that yellow color to even out your skin and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how natural it looks.”

    But you are thinking of NC20 – which is the ‘yellow toned’ foundation. The NW is the ‘pink toned’ foundation. I think refering to your own skin colour is mixing you up as you have pink tones so you are describing the pink foundation!

    The mix up happens when girls refer to their skin as being “NW or NC” as you associate your tone with the colour. “I’m NW because I have yellow tones!” but the actual colour you put on your skin is the opposite!

    It’s almost the opposite of what you’d imagine but it makes sense – if your skin is yellow toned you need NW (which is pink) and if you have pink tones you need NC (which is yellow).

    I find it bizarre though because you say it works for you, so maybe you should be using NW20 but your skintone is actually more yellow.

    • I finally worked it out:

      This should be titled “Foundation Matches for MAC NC20!” or “Foundation Matches for NC20/pink toned skin”.

  19. Here is a great resource which explains NW and NC SO much better than I just did (and the info is straight from MAC):

    ps. I do think your blog is great but you should change the heading before people who use MAC NW20 go and buy the wrong shades!

  20. Would you know the match for nw20 skin in the kat von d lock it POWDER foundation??
    It would be a great help. Thank you

  21. I went out and bought several of the foundations that you reviewed on here and the color matches were perfect! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

  22. I have the hardest time finding foundations that match my skin tone. I really want to try bare minerals and I am nw 20, which shade did you use? Thank you!

  23. This is an amazing reference! Thank you for taking the time to type this up!

  24. Lori Kelzenberg

    Which foundation are you wearing in the picture?

  25. Willomina Balasco

    Hey!…..Your Color Contacts Look A Bit Bizarre, I’m Quite Certain Your Natural Dark Eyes Are Very Pretty!….

  26. Hi – i wanted to know if you have any updates on foundation that you may have tried and matched up to this past year (since your last post)

  27. You absolutely just saved my life with this post. I am in BFE New Mexico and 1 hour before my conference, as I’m getting ready, I realized I forgot my makeup bag. I have not purchased drugstore foundation in YEARS and had no idea where to start and no time for color matching. I came across this in my search and got in and out and onto my conference looking fabulous. THANK YOU!

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