Sinful Colors Savage Swatch

Another nail polish swach for you! As you can tell, I love sinful colors nail polish. Here’s why: I can buy 4 colors of sinful for the price of one OPI. Don’t get me wrong, I love OPI, but I like to have a lot of colors to work with too. And, honestly, I think Sinful colors wear allllllmost as good as OPI. So, definately worth the money. The color I have today is one of their newer colors, ‘Savage.’ In the bottle, in looks like a dark teal. Oh, and it has a matte finish! I did apply a topcoat so you won’t see the matte finish on my nails. (As a topcoat un-does the matte finish on any matte nail polish). I decided on the topcoat to improve wear. Matte nail polishes wear pretty easily without one; so, that’s the downside of the awesome finish.

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The pictures I took were in natural light but I did correct some of the lighting as I got a lot of light in the background. The colors looks teal indoors and a brighter teal/almost blue outside in natural light. I am impreseed with the shade, but I love teal! Enjoy the swatches!


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  1. Normally I’d say a colour like this is too bright for me but it’s such a beautiful shade!
    I found your blog from the link you posted on Beautylish. I’m also studying Computer Science but in the UK. 🙂

  2. Nice post. BTW what is the name of this theme?

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