Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel Review, Pictures, & Swatches.

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel

It’s that time of the year when the drugstore makeup brands are churning out all the new, exciting products for Spring of 2012. With my love of drugstore makeup, I’ve definitely scooped up some of the products that are appealing to me. The concealer I’m reviewing today is one of Almay’s newest products, and I’m going to go ahead and tell you this is a rave review. Read on for more…..

What is it?

This is a dual sided concealer. One side is a blemish treatment gel and the other is a medicated concealer. Both sides contain salicylic acid but in different strengths. The idea is that you put the blemish gel on blemishes and cover them with the concealer. Essentially, you are treating the acne while you cover it up. The concealer comes in three shades and my shade is ‘light.’ My skin tone, for reference, is NW 20 in MAC.

My Skin Type

When talking about acne treatments and giving any sort of review, the skin type of the reviewer must be revealed. My skin type may be the same as some of you but for many it will vary; hence, you’ll get different results from the acne treatment itself depending on this variance. I do have combination, acne prone skin. My facial care regimen is determined by my dermatologist. I’m on 2 prescription acne meds which are both topical and one can dry out the skin. Because of my dermatologist, my skin is acne free 98% of the time but I do occasionally get breakouts.

Why is it so great?

I used the treatment gel and concaler when I had a blemish I felt coming on this week. Lo and behold, the next day, it was gone. The best part about this whole deal? The concealer was actually good! It covered well and didn’t cause any flakiness like other medicated concealers I’ve tried. This one’s a winner! Other Great things? Here’s my list:

  • Alamy is a brand I trust, and they are…..Cruelty free. Love that!
  • The concealer matches my skin and covers opaquely
  • Easily accessible in the drugstore and easy to find on sale!
  • Ultra convenient, throw in your makeup bag and you have acne treatment and concealer in one product!
  • Concealer doesn’t make my skin flake like other medicated concealers I’ve tried.
  • Concealer isn’t watery like other medicated concealers I’ve tried


  • Not what you want unless you’re looking for a medicated concealer
  • Not a good choice if you don’t tolerate salicylic acid


As you can see, I really love this product. I’d definitely reccommed giving it a try, and just return it if you find it’s too drying for your skin! Pictures below….

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel, Gel Side

Treatment Gel side of the Concealer with applicator doe foot

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel, Concealer Side

Concealer Side, in the color ‘light’

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel Swatch in Light

Swatch of ‘light’ in natural light.


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  1. Can you put on the concealer immediately after the treatment gel? didn’t know if you had to wait for it to dry

  2. made me want to try it and i just purchased it. great for a drugstore concealer+treatment gel duo

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