KISS Nail Dress Review, Pictures, and Swatches.

KISS nail dress Packaging Picture

KISS Nail Dress Packaging

The nail applique trend is pretty big right now; rightly so, the appliques are probably the easiest way to get great looking nails effortlessly. Before trying this product, the only experience I had with these were via the Sally Hansen nail polish strips. The two products are similar but definitely not the same. I received this product via the Influenster Voxbox although I do have other designs I purchased on my own. The following is a review of these strips…..


As stated above, these are nail appliques. This means that you simply stick them to your nails, file down the excess and go. No bad smell, and easy peasy. They come in a variety of designs are an easy way to get fab looking nails. I love this concept and hope it ‘sticks’ around for a while! The KISS variety is an alternative to the Sally Hansen nail polish strips which are also available in the drugstore price point. I will say that no matter which brand I use, I always get compliments on my nails when I use appliques. I’m going to describe these further and compare them to Sally Hansen in the chart below.

Descriptive Quality KISS Nail Dress Sally Hansen
Design Selection 18 styles available 40 Designs
Adhesiveness These are truly adhesive appliques, meaning that there is an adhesive between the design and the nail. They did last on me for days but did have some tip wear. This is possibly due to the fact that filing the free edges can be a little tough. Lasted for days as well with minor tip wear. Was easier to file the ends off as they are nail polish strips as opposed to adhesive appliques. However, because of this, it’s harder to correct mistakes.
Lasting Ability Lasted days but had tip wear on second day. Lasted days with tip wear more than two days in.
Ease of Application Very easy. Very few supplies needed. They don’t smell and all you need is a file. If you mess up, it’s easily remedied. Easy to apply. You do need to be careful with application as repairing a mistake can be a more sensitive matter due to the material these are made out of.
Cost 6.99 at my CVS 9.99 at my CVS
Texture Come in designs with beads and other embellishments. Texture is flat, no embellished designs exist.
Ease of Removal VERY easy to remove, just peel off. Difficult to remove, you must use acetone to remove them.

Closing Thoughts

So, overall, I really do like these appliques. They did have tip wear that occurred more quick than I expected, but they made up for that in ease of removal and application. They did last well through multiple hand washings yet still peeled off when I was done. They are also more budget friendly than other appliques on the market. Go look at the selection and try some for yourself. I’m trying the ones with the beads on them next! I got tons of compliments on the design below – everyone that I had the perfect crackle nails!

KISS nail dress Packaging Picture

KISS nail dress packaging – application instructions

KISS nail dress Swatch

KISS nail dress swatch

KISS nail dress Swatch

KISS nail dress swatch 


FTC Disclaimer: As mentioned above, this product was sent for me via the Influenster Voxbox program. This product was of no cost to me and was provided for review purposes.


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  1. Great review! I really want to try these out! Do you apply a base coat first?

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