Mary Kay Vs. The Competition

Mary kay product comparissons

Mary kay product comparissons

Mary Kay. Been around for a long time; you probably know someone that uses those products. Perhaps they seem elusive to you as they did for me. I recently started using their products and fell in love with them. I want to present you guys with some options for Mary Kay products that beat the competition; I call this, “if you like……then you’ll love.” Keep reading for some great comparisons!

Mary Kay Product Mall Product Benefits of Mary Kay
Satin Lips set Lush lip scrub and balm Same price for both products, but Mary Kay has a satisfaction guarantee!
Clearproof acne system Proactiv You get a moisturizer specifically made for acne prone skin with Mary Kay, Plus more product! Double the size
Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadow Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Mary kay is almost half the cost of bare minerals; the Mary Kay eye shadow is pressed, so less mess!
Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray Urban Decay All Nighter You get double the size with Mary Kay for only 4 dollars more!
Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen SPF 15 Smashbox Photo Finish foundation Primer The mary kay primer contains SPF to defend against aging; the smashbox doesn’t. They both prime with the same feel. Mary Kay is almost half the price of Smashbox for the same amount of product!


If you want in on the great products, satisfaction guarantee, and money saving, you can shop at my link below. I’m a Mary Kay consultant; let me know if any of you have questions and check out the catalogs at my link!


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