October Favorites 2012 – Kat Von D, Papa Roach, American Horror Story, and More!

October Favorites

October Favorites – Composed on Polyvore

Favorites are a popular theme on the Youtube beauty network. I’ve never done a favorites post because I didn’t know how I could possibly photograph all the ‘favorites’ and display them on my blog. Then……….along came polyvore! With Polyvore, it’s so easy to create collages for home, fashion, beauty, etc…. The above image was created with said website. My user name is acc82 if you want to follow me. The link to polyvore is here: Polyvore. Now…on with the favorites!

  1. Bath and Body works ‘Love, Love, Love’

    1. I am a lover of all things bath and body works. I found Love, Love, Love on clearance at my local outlet after it had only been released for what seems to be a few months. I prefer sweet, fruity scents and am not very fond of strong florals. According to the website, the top notes are Succulent Berries, White Plum, Juicy Pear. Mid notes consist of: Peony Petals, Lily of the Valley, Freesia; and bottom notes are Blonde Woods, Glittering Vanilla Musk. I don’t detect strong florals in the scent but more the berries and vanilla. I use the body spray almost every day.
  2. Michael Kors Grayson Bag in rose gold

    1. I recently found this at the Michael Kors outlet. I was thrilled because I’ve been lusting after this purse since December of last year! I love it! It’s well put together and beautiful. I have the rose gold color. Can’t recommend it enough.
  3. Papa Roach – The Connection

    1. Papa Roach is simply one of my favorite bands of all time. They released their new album, The Connection, this month. Let me tell you guys, this album is awesome!! It’s rare to find a studio album you can listen to all the way through and love every song. Well, this album accomplishes this. I have been listening to this non stop all month. Cannot recommend it more!!!
  4. Ray Ban classic mirrored Aviators

    1. I’ve been shopping around for classic, mirrored aviators for a while. Again, went up to the Sunglasses Hut outlet store and found these. Best thing about sunglass hut? They have warranties on their glasses; you can take them in to the store if something goes wrong with your pair. I love these M.Shadows shades – wear them all the time!
  5. Urban Decay Vice Palette

    1. When I saw this palette, I knew I had to have it. All the colors are new and from what I understand, limited edition. I love urban decay and own most of their palettes – it’s just the best deal money wise if you love urban decay. I’ve been using the neutral shades in this palette as much as the brights and the darks are always an anchor for me. I’ve been using this all month and love it.
  6. Aveda Smooth Infusion Leave in

    1. Now that I have a hot air brush (see number 9) to dry my hair, I tend to style it wet more often. I’ve had the Aveda smooth infusion serum forr a while and go through periods where I do and don’t use it. I put this on right before I blow dry my hair and it helps tame frizz and makes it more manageable overall.
  7. American Horror Story

    1. I cannot believe I just discovered this show in October! We no longer have cable or dish so all  my tv is watched via netflix/hulu/amazon, etc…. So, I was unaware of FX’s little goldmine here. I have already completed season 1 and thanks to Zune marketplace (or xbox video), I can watch the new episodes shortly after they air. The thing I love about this show is that it’s so suspenseful and full of turns/twists. For those who are a little horror-shy, you may want to watch the first episode before buying them all. I have heard many folks say it’s ‘too scary’ for them; but, for someone like me who loves horror, this is sooooo good.
  8. Payless Shoe Source Pleather Boots

    1. Payless was calling my name one day this month. This is a store I rarely shop in but I wanted new boots for the fall season, so I went in to see what they had. Payless was running the BOGO 50% off deal at the time (is it me, or do they always run this promotion?). I found the perfect pair of boots. The boots I have come below the knee with a 2 inch heal. They are black faux leather (which I prefer) and they have a wide calf width. The best part about these is that they were only 50 or so dollars and they fit my calves. I don’t know what it is about the boot/shoe industry but almost all of the girls I know (regardless of size) cannot fit into the regular calf size boots. I do own some myself, but these are much more comfortable. I’ve been wearing these with leggings and skinny jeans this month.
  9. Revlon Hot Air Brush

    1. Now that I have a shoulder length bob, I can actually do some wet styling with my hair. With the long hair I had, it was just a big pain and took forever. So, I bought this hot air brush from Revlon. I love this dryer! I will blast my hair with a regular dryer for a few minutes and then wet style it with the brush. I get nice, curled under, pretty post-wash hair every time and it’s much easier than using a round brush AND a dryer.
  10. Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation

    1. I mentioned this foundation in my foundation review. But, to make things simple, let me say this……This is my holy grail foundation. It covers fabulously, has a matte finish, and lasts all day long. I don’t think I can ask for more in a foundation. I can’t rave about this enough. Get yourself to Sephora, find your match, and buy it!!
  11. Kat Von D Sinner Perfume

    1. Another Kat Von D favorite. I am a fan of both Kat and her makeup line in case you can’t tell. I have three of her fragrances: Sinner, Saint, and Adora. Sinner is my favorite for the winter because it’s a heavier scent laced with patchouli. I tend to wear Adora and Saint more in the summer since they are both quite a bit lighter. The top notes are fruity but the bottom notes are dark and rich. Love this perfume. Can I also mention that the packaging is awesome? The lighter bottle is so cool.

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