Garnier BB Cream: Review and Pictures for Light/Medium!

Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium

Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium

BB cream. It’s huge in Asia and the hype has made its way to the US. Garnier was the first to unveil a drugstore BB cream in the US. So, I had to try it. They are touted as miracle products as far as their ability to even tone, lighten skin, and make it more beautiful overall. Read on for the review and pictures……

The Claims

The packaging on the cream states that it contains sunscreen and Vitamin C which even skin tone and hydrate. It pretty much claims to do everything: renew, brighten, even, and hydrate. So, there were big claims for the product to live up to.

My Thoughts

I have a chart below showing what I thought about various aspects of the product. Overall, I’m very happy with the product which is surprising. I say this because when I first opened the package, I thought the color would never work on my skin tone. I picked the lightest of the two shades, Light/Medium. I swatched it on my skin when I opened the product and thought it was way to dark. It wasn’t until I tried the product this week that I realized it actually does work on my skin without looking too dark. I will say that there are only two shades of the product: light/medium and medium/dark. So, this is one thing I would like to see improved upon. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with this and would classify it as a tinted moisturizer in terms of the coverage.

Fragrance It has a floral fragrance that is noticeable but not irritating for un-wearable for me.
Consistency It is similar to a tinted moisturizer with a creamy feel
Coverage This is definitely light coverage. I add to the coverage by wearing a powder foundation on top of the BB cream.
Claims I do agree that it does instantly even skin due to the tinted color but I can’t speak to long-term effects as I’ve only been using it for a week or so.
Price It retails for 10-13 dollars which isn’t bad but I do recommend using coupons and sales to lower the price as Garnier is great about providing coupons to their products.
Color selection I addressed this above, but I wish there were more colors as this color barely matches me correctly.

Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium Swatch

packaging for Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium Swatch

Swatch, unblended, on my skin

Garnier BB cream in Light/Medium on my skin

Garnier BB cream in Light/Medium on my skin. Sorry for the non-smiling facial expression! 


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