If you love MAC, you need to make the Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO) Your best friend! A CCO guide!

MAC Chilled on Ice Paint Pot Price at the CCO

MAC Chilled On Ice Paint Pot from the CCO – Price in Picture

If you love MAC cosmetics like I do but get discouraged with paying full price or trying to find that one Limited Edition item, this is the post for you! I discovered the Cosmetic Company Outlets through the youtube beauty community and have never looked back! I love my MAC but I need a bargain every once in a while and that’s what the Cosmetic Company Outlet’s (CCO for short) provide. Read on to see more…..

What is the CCO?

The CCO is an outlet store which sells only estee lauder cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, etc… It’s like a TJ Maxx for cosmetics (estee Lauder). Any limited edition items that are unsold as well as overstocks are sent to the outlet. They are sold at the outlet for far less than regular retail. Since the products are coming in as the collections go out, you find older collections in the CCO for the most part. So, lets say you wanted a current Limited edition item, you will have to wait a few months before that collection gets stocked in the CCO. Because the CCO’s sell estee lauder, the brands you will find are MAC, Estee lauder, Clinique, Bobbi brown, and now smashbox.

What’s so awesome about the CCO?

1.) Really Great Prices:

For MAC cosmetics (and other estee lauder brands for that matter), there are never sales or coupons that can be used towards your purchase at a store or counter. So, that leaves little flexibility for finding a bargain. The CCO is the best out there as far as low prices for REAL MAC makeup. I realize that there are many online retailers that claim to sell MAC for a discount but oftentimes, the products sold are fake. Let me give you an example of pricing. A full size MAC pigment is $20.00 at the counter. At the CCO, that same pigment is only $14.00. It doesn’t sound like a huge discount but this stuff adds up fast when you buy a few items at a time.

2.) Those limited edition items you couldn’t get your hands on:

For me, this is a big draw to the CCO. You’ll see in the pictures below that I bought items from a few different MAC collections on my latest CCO haul. I totally missed out on Venomous Villians and Champale from late last year and early this year. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t want any items from the collection. So, when I saw both the ‘chilled on ice’ paint pot from Champale, and two eyeshadows from Venomous Villians, I was beyond thrilled. Another thing about these limited edition items is that sometimes, they are so lusted after that it becomes a chore to get your hands on them. This happened to me with Surf Baby this summer. I knew I wanted the teal ‘surf usa’ eyeshadow but every counter I went to was sold out. Imagine my surprise when I saw this baby at the CCO!

Where are the CCO’s at? How do I find one?

This can be tricky. Since I live in a large metro area, there are 2 CCO’s near me. Each one is about an hour drive so I don’t go very often but I do make a few trips a year and find it’s totally worth it. The best way to locate a CCO is google ‘cosmetic company outlet.’  So, what happens if there isn’t a CCO near you? Look for them when you go on vacation. I do this everytime I’m away from home – if there’s a CCO near, I make a trip. Each CCO varies in their stock and selection so it’s worth the trip in. Some CCO’s are standalone stores and some are located inside a bigger outlet, i.e. inside Saks outlets. I find that the stand alone’s typically have better selection, overall.

How good are the Prices?

I’m going to list a few items I have purchased below, along with the CCO price and counter price so that it’s easy to see how the two compare.

Item Retail Price CCO Price
Wonder woman Quad 40.00 28.00
MAC glitter pigment 20.00 13.75
MAC Pigment 20.00 14.00
MAC lipglass 14.50 11.00
MAC paint pot 17.50 11.75
MAC Dazzle glass 19.50 13.00
MAC eyeshadow 15.00 11.00

Pictures of my Haul with prices below!

MAC Venomous Villians Sweetjoy Eyeshadow from CCO

Sweetjoy Eyeshadow single from the CCO

MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow Price at CCo

Surf USA From the CCO

MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow Picture

Surf USA from CCO

MAC Rose Pigment Price from Cosmetics Company Outlet

MAC Rose Pigment Price from CCO

MAC Rose Pigment Picture

MAC Rose Pigment


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  1. Damn it – MAC is made in Canada, but we don’t have any CCO’s here – not fair! 😦 Road trip to Buffalo……. *sigh*

    Thank you for the post though, I wasn’t aware these even existed. Now I will know what to look for when I travel.

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