Gel Manicure at Home with Gelish! Featuring the color Night Reflection.

Gelish Nail Polish In Night Relection, Swatch

Gelish Nail Polish Swatch in Night Reflection

Gel nails. They are huge right now. Among the claims sported by gel manicure companies are such statements as: no chipping, no peeling, 3 weeks wear, no fading. This is everyone’s dream right? Up until recently, you had to get yourself to a salon to get one of these manicures as well as pay around 25-35 a pop. Being one of those who doesn’t go to the salon, ever, I bought the Gelish kit when it was released at Sally Beauty Supply. I’d been sitting on the kit until today as I thought the manicure would take forever. However, I discovered that this manicure isn’t as complicated as I once thought. Read on for more!

Gel Polish Starter Kit

What do you need for this gel manicure? You need the Gelish starter kit, a curing lamp (UV lamp), gelish nail color, an orange stick, a buffer, a cuticle pusher, and nail file. So, the upfront costs seem to be high but you must consider that you can use most of these tools for manicures other than gel. Simply said, inside the starter kit, you get a nail prepper, a base coat, top coat, cuticle oil, and the solutions for both cleaning and removing the manicure. In addition, you must pick a gelish nail color that you like. the orange stick, buffer, cuticle pusher and nail file can be purchased anywhere and can be used on more than just gel manicures.

Gel Polish Selection

I’m so impressed with the color lineup from Gelish. They have many colors as well as other limited edition colors depending on the season. You can buy gelish at Sally Beauty. My color of choice is Night Reflection. I love dark, vampy colors, and this one is a darkened purple.

Ease of Use

With all the steps involved in a gel manicure, it can seem daunting at first. This unfamiliarity with the gel process is what held me back from doing this manicure earlier. After reading the instructions through and doing the first few nails, the process becomes intuitive and simple. I did my whole manure in about 45 minutes and please consider this was my first attempt. I feel the total time will shorten with more use. I’m going to oversimplify this and break it down for you.

  1. Prep nails – File, buff, and apply nail cleanser to create a clean surface.
  2. Apply Ph bond to help the base coat adhere
  3. Apply base coat, being careful not to apply to cuticles directly. Cure nails under lamp.
  4. Apply thin layer of nail color and cure. Repeat this until desired coverage is achieved.
  5. apply top coat and cure.
  6. Wipe nails free of tacky layer with cleanser and apply cuticle oil.

Done and done!

My Thoughts

I love this system! I got great looking coverage with an awesome color and my manicure was rock hard right after that last cure. I’m talking about no chips, no nicks, no smearing! The polish leaves a high gloss shine and it ain’t moving anywhere! LOVE it! I’m only on day one at this point, so I’ll have to update on the polish longevity later. However, from my initial impression, I’m very pleased. After you get the ‘hang’ of the process, it becomes very easy and gives awesome results. There are other diy gel nail systems out there but this one definitely stood out for me. From what I’ve seen, Gelish also has one of the best color ranges out there for gel manicures. I love that I can do this at home without a salon! More pictures below.

Update on Wear

I finally removed my gel manicure and can attest that it lasted a full two weeks – no chips. There was minor fading at the tips but the manicure still looked great two weeks in. I’m sold!

Gelish Nail Polish In Night Relection, Swatch

Gelish Nail Polish Swatch in Night Reflection

Gelish Nail Polish In Night Relection, Swatch

Gelish Nail Polish Swatch in Night Reflection


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