Revlon Sculpting Blush Palette in Berry; Review and Swatches.

Revlon Sculping Blush Palette in Berry, Outside Packaging

Revlon Sculpting Blush Palette in Berry, Outside Packaging

Another Revlon Review! Boy, do I love this brand! This product is part of the new line of photoready products hitting the shelves for spring of 2012. This sculpting palette comes in four shades and each includes a bronzer, blush and highlighter. The idea of the palette is that it does your countouring, blush, and highlighting within the one palette. Read on to see what I thought…….

Revlon Sculpting Blush Palette in Berry Description

This palette includes a berry blush, a medium contour and a creamy pearlescent highlight. I chose this palette of all the shades due to the cool toned berry blush which I thought would work well with my skin tone (NW 20).  The blush is the largest product in the palette with the bronzer and highlighter being half the size of the blush. There is a brush which is included but I didn’t think it would be useful at all. These palettes can be found anywhere Revlon is sold and cost around $13.00 (based on price)


  • Love the convenience of having all your contouring products in one palette.
  • Really nice shade selection. I believe there’s a color for everyone in the line.
  • The colors all go well together, so this is pretty darn foolproof.
  • The colors are pigmented but not too much so. Oftentimes, with very pigmented bronzer/blush, it’s difficult to apply evenly and blend.
  • Love that the bronzers have very little shimmer to them if any. The color choices are great for contouring.
  • The highlighter shade is just about one of the nicest ones I’ve found at the drugstore, period. A close second would be Physician’s formula.
  • Very nice packaging. Sturdy and functional.
  • Easily accessible and cruelty free!


  • The bronzer and highlighter shades are in such small pans that it makes it very difficult to work with a large/medium blush brush. This really is the only big downside I found for this palette but it’s a pretty big one. It does take a much smaller brush to work with the small pans.
  • If you are looking for a very pigmented bronzer and blush, you may want to skip this one. Personally, I prefer a lower pigmentation on a bronzer, but if you need a higher level, you may not be happy with this product.

So, overall, I’m very happy with this product if only for the colors and convenience. I do use a small Essence of Beauty face brush to work with the small pans, but it would be nicer to have more flexibility here. Would I buy it again? Yes.

Revlon Sculping Blush Palette in Berry, Open Packaging

Revlon Sculpting Palette in Berry – Open Packaging.

Revlon Sculping Blush Palette in Berry

Revlon Sculpting Palette in Berry. Macro of the product. You can see here that the blush is twice the size of the contour and highlight.

Revlon Sculping Blush Palette in Berry Swatches

Swatches of the Berry Palette. From left to right: Bronzer, Blush, and Highlight. The highlight is so close to my skintone that it’s hard to capture on camera.

Revlon Sculping Blush Palette in Berry Swatches

Swatches. From bottom up: Bronzer, Blush, and highlight.


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  1. Revlon Sculpting Palette! I’m literally obsessed with bronzers, & blushes, but this bronzer is my favorite one from Revlon so far. It’s such a beautiful color the your cheeks, so smooth, and flattering. I love this!

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