Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Stick Review and Swatches

Almay intense i-color shadow stick in Blue and Hazel

Almay intense i-color shadow sticks in blue and hazel eyes

Almay is kicking out some really awesome stuff lately! It isn’t a brand I’ve typically been drawn to, but with the new releases, I’m lovin’ the company! One of their new spring products are these shadow sticks. They are a cream shadow in twist up form and Almay claims they are ‘crease proof.’ They are also rumored to be a dupe for the MAC shade sticks. I can’t speak to that, since I haven’t tried the MAC, but as a cream shadow lover, I think these are great! Read on for more….


For each eye color, almay has a dual ended shade stick. I have brown eyes but didn’t pick up the one designed for brown eyes. Why? Well, I liked the other colors better and they seemed more wearable. There are four sticks altogether. I noticed that the shade sticks do vary on pigmentation. The blue eyes stick is very pigmented whereas the pink in the hazel eyes stick is poorly pigmented. It took so many swipes to get that pink to show up and it wasn’t the color I expected it to be.


  • They actually wear very well without creasing. I’ll often use the gold in the ‘blue’ eyes set as a base with a powder crease color and it lasts all day (with primer).
  • The color selection contains many wearable colors.
  • Make excellent bases for other colors.
  • Cream shadows aren’t too thin or sticky – just the perfect consistency.
  • Easy to apply with packaging
  • Easily accessible
  • Great price point for a cream shadow


  • I wish there were more shades to choose from.
  • I was disappointed with the pigmentation in the hazel eyes’ pink shade. So, the pigmentation does vary between colors.

Overall, I really like these. Despite the pigmentation variance, I do plan on buying more. Pictures below!

Almay intense i-color shadow stick in Blue and Hazel

Blue eyes, gold end shown

Almay intense i-color shadow stick in Blue and Hazel

Intense i-color shadow sticks for hazel and blue eyes

Almay intense i-color shadow stick in Blue and Hazel

Swatches. From Left to right: Blue eyes (gold and brown), Hazel Eyes (charcoal and pink)


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