Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner Review and Swatches.

Maybelline Master Drama in Midnight Master and Bold Brown

Maybelline  Master Drama Eyeliners in Midnight Master and Bold Brown

Oh, maybelline master drama, how I love thee! I’m going to go ahead and tell you that this is my absolute favorite drugstore pencil liner. Love love it! It is the creamiest, most pigmented eyeliner I’ve found. Read on to learn more….


Maybelline master drama is a pencil eyeliner that twists up vs. being sharpened. It comes in 6 shades and I have both the brown and black. The one flaw of the packaging is that once you twist the liner up, it won’t retract, so keep that in mind when using it. The liner has a creamy consistency and reminds me of a cross between Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners and Tarte’s emphasEyes eyeliners. They can be bought anywhere that sells Maybelline, although I find that some retailers carry more shades than others.

Why is it so Great?

  • Super creamy and easy to apply.
  • Stays where you put it! Long wearing, this eyeliner is…. (yoda reference) 🙂
  • Wears well on the waterline as well as both upper and lower lash lines
  • Easily smudged before it sets
  • Easily Accessible
  • Very pigmented. You barely swipe this on and you get color!
  • Easy to create more detailed eye looks with the ease of a pencil and the texture of a gel.
  • Just try it, you’ll love it!

What’s not so great?

  • Packaging: once you twist the liner up, it doesn’t retract.
  • Only 6 shades – I wish there were more colors to choose from (as in urban decay’s line)
  • Maybelline tests on animals, so this is not cruelty free. 😦


In my opinion, this is the best drugstore liner out there. I would say that the Milani liquifEye liners rank up there with a VERY close tie. If you’re looking for a good cruelty free eyeliner, go with Milani. I’ve been impressed with maybelline stepping up their game with all these new, awesome products but I do wish they would transition into the cruelty free world. Physician’s formula pulls in with a close third in the drugstore liner game. The maybelline master drama is as close as I think you’re going to get to a high-end liner at the drugstore.

Maybelline Master Drama Midnight Master Pencil

Maybelline Master Drama Tip

Maybelline Master Drama Swatches. From Left to Right: Midnight master, Bold Brown


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