The best Foundation Brush Ever! The Eco Tools Bronzer Brush. Pictures and Review.

Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush

Eco tools Bronzer Brush

I thought that my favorite makeup brush deserved its own post – so here it is! I love Eco Tools so much and this brush is my newly discovered favorite. It’s the bronzer brush which is designed for bronzer, however it makes an awesome foundation brush. Keep Reading for more…

Why is it so awesome?

Firstly, let me say what I love about Eco Tools in general. They are cruelty free, easy on the environment, and darn good brushes at a drugstore price. I actually prefer synthetic brushes over natural hair and that is what eco tools uses for all it’s brushes. This one is a dual fiber type and is very dense. It’s pretty much just one huge kabuki brush. I found that it tends to soak up powder so I don’t prefer it for a powder brush. As a bronzer brush, it’s a little too big for countouring on my smallish face. For foundation, though, it applies liquid quickly, easily, and doesn’t absorb tons of foundation.

How do I use It?

I take my liquid foundation and place it on the back of my hand. I then tap the brush into the foundation and dot it over my face. Then, it’s very easy to blend the foundation all over your face very quickly. The brush is so big and holds on to liquid so well that your foundation is evened out in no time. I also use it to blend out any cream blush or bronzer I applied.

So, In summary….


  • Blends out liquid or cream products quickly and easily
  • Long kabuki handle makes it easy to manipulate
  • Cruelty free, and good the environment
  • Relatively cheap and easy to find on sale
  • Easily accessible in the drugstore or target
  • The brush is super soft and feels great on the skin
  • Can be used for both liquid and powder application


  • Does take a while to dry after washing – sometimes longer than 12 hours

As you can see, I don’t find my bad aspects of this brush!

Eco Tools Bronzer Brush Macro

Eco Tools Bronzer Brush Macro (Fibers)


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  1. I haven’t tried this brush to apply foundation (although I’ve been tempted). I was just scared that it’d turn out awful. I think I’ll definitely have to take a chance on this the next time I do my makeup!

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