Remington Limited Edition Straightening Iron: Textured Tools. A bargain at only $13.00 on Clearance at Target!

Remington Limited Edition Straightening Iron in Pink

Remington 1 Inch Ceramic Plated straightening Iron – Limited Edition

This post is to tell you about my beauty find that’s got me too excited. I was at Target shopping the clearance and I found this baby. For a mere $13.00, you get a 30 heat setting straightening iron that claimed to heat to 400 degrees farenheit. Sign Me up! I typically avoid buying irons outside of beauty supplies because they simply don’t get hot enough but 400 degrees is plenty hot to straighten and curl my hair; and, for this price, what did I have to lose? Read on to see what I thought.

My Straightening Iron Collection

I love straightening irons. I can make my naturally straight hair pin straight with them and also curl my hair quickly and easily. I currently own straightening irons in various sizes from: Conair, Hot Tools, Remington, and Chi. My favorite out of all these are the hot tools irons. The Remington I already owned before this purchase was also really good. Here’s what I must have in any type of hot tool:

1.) Must reach at least 400 degrees to curl my straight hair!
2.) Must be reasonably priced – under $150
3.) Must Be be easy to use with a fast heat up.

How Does the $13.00 Remington Compare?

I love this iron! It gets hot fast and stays hot. It’s 1 inch so it’s super easy to manipulate your hair with. It has 30 heat settings which are easily changed via a dial and it has ceramic plates. It curls and straightens my hair with ease. I gotta tell y’all, I like it better than the Chi!! The ultimate test of worthiness will be how long it lasts. This is why I love hot tools – they work well and last for a long time. I have to say though, even if I only get 2 years out of this one, it’s still worth it for the price.

Limited Edition

Because it’s limited edition, they won’t be coming around again, I suspect. However, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my other Remington Iron. I would definitely buy from this brand again. If you do find this one on clearance at Target, all the better. If you see it, snatch it up. These irons have definitely made me think differently about only buying irons from beauty supplies. It seems that the mass market irons are stepping up to the heated plate, so to speak.

Remington Limited Edition Strightening Iron Plates

1 Inch Ceramic Plates

Remington Limited Editon Straightening Iron

Iron With Swivel Cord


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  1. still available?

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