My Favorite New or New to Me Products of the Year

top products of 2011
 Charming Charlie: This is my newest favorite jewelry store ever. I can’t believe I didn’t discover it until this year. After hearing about the chain on Youtube through Kandee Johnson (, I looked it up and saw that there are a few stores within an hour of my location. Let me tell you, this place is totally worth the drive. They have so much cute jewelry and it’s all reasonably priced. If you like Claire’s, you’ll love Charming Charlie.

Bath and Body Works “Be Enchanted” Fragrance: This was one of their new releases for fall of this year and I adore it. I love anything fruity or sweet smelling, so this is perfect. It’s a mix of “frosted florals and sweetened pomegranate” according to Bath and Body Works. If you love fruity/sweet scents like me, I believe that you’ll love this one just as much as I do!

Tarte for True Blood Palette: I can’t say that Tarte is a new brand to me, I’ve always loved that their cosmetics are all natural and perform well at the same time. I bought this palette as my first Tarte Palette since the colors are just stunning and I love True Blood as well! I definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan especially, but even if you’re not a fan, it’s still a great palette. Love it! Love Tarte!

Physician’s Formula Bronzers: Again, Physician’s formula is a brand I’ve always loved. Their gel liners are awesome and I own just about all of them. They began the year by releasing the Happy Booster line of powder, bronzer, and blush. I loved those so much! This got me interested to try some of the other bronzers in the line and I bought their light bronze booster. This is the perfect bronzer for me! It’s matte and light enough for my NW20 skin. Love the line and love the bronzers!

John Frieda Radiant Red: I’ve had red hair for a while now and had been using Aveda’s Madder Root Shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh. While I love that shampoo, it’s expensive. After I began couponing and found John Frieda on a super sale, I decided to try the red enhancing shampoo. Let me clarify that Aveda’s madder root is a color depositing shampoo whereas the John Frieda is not. John Frieda claims to enhance the way red hair looks without depositing color. Despite these differences, I still love the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair soft and shiny while seeming to keep my color from fading as fast as other shampoos. I also love the way it smells.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: This was one of the new products this year and the nail appliques boast a 10 day life. I was hesitant at first as I didn’t believe there was any way to accomplish this. Well, lemme tell you – Sally Hansen delivers here. The appliques were easy to apply and stayed on with only minor tip wear for the full ten days! These are awesome. The only downside is that one manicure costs about $8.50.

MAC Makeup: I have never bought MAC in the past but took the plunge into the line this year and haven’t regretted it at all! MAC has so many great products and I’m pretty much crazy about the new collections that come out through the year and look forward to seeing what they crank out. The snowglobe palette in this picture was purchased by me this year and I love it!

John Frieda Frizz Ease: I have never purchased frizz ease in the past because I don’t have frizzy hair. I have straight hair that is naturally not frizzy at all. I’m pretty happy that I have such low maintenance hair but with that being said, I decided to try this out for a manageability perspective. I have to say that I love it. It makes my hair so much softer and easier to style, period. It also protects your hair from heat, which is also a plus. I also find that if I apply it after a shower but before sleeping on wet hair, my hair is much less kinky the next morning. Good stuff all around.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin: This has gained a lot of press on Youtube and in the beauty community. It is a rumored dupe for NARS sheer glow. I have been happy with my Revlon colorstay but my curiosity got the best of me and I tried it. I do love this foundation. It isn’t as long wearing as colorstay but the coverage is awesome and it feels great on the face. I use this on a day when long wearing foundation isn’t a concern for me.

Orly Nail Polishes: I tried Orly polishes for the first time this year and can’t believe it took me so long! I tried them because I was more interested in finding cruelty free beauty options this year. I guess I never thought to try them before. Let me say that even though the color selection isn’t as wide as other brands such as OPI and China Glaze, the formula is awesome and the colors are BEAU-tiful. The picture above is of the mineral fx collection and it rocked my world! Such pretty colors!

Revlon Lip Butters: Should I even ellaborate? These little babies rocked the beauty world when they were released very recently. The beauty community has been blowing up about these things! Do I like them? Of course! They are just a very moisturizing lip stick but feels like a gloss on the lips. They come in a variety of very pretty colors as well. Let me just say, I’ve got quite a few of them in my collection and I wear them pretty much every day. It doesn’t surprise me that Revlon has cranked out another awesome lip product as I love their regular lip sticks and glosses as well.


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