‘Chicken’ Lo Mein Recipe: Vegetarian and easily made Vegan!

Lo Mein with Gardein Chicken


Another Recipe Post! You guys have been seeing some vegetarian recipes on the blog lately because I went vegetarian about a month ago and I love it! Because I’m not eating meat, I have to be a bit more creative with recipes and incorporate vegetables when and wherever I can. I also LOVE chinese food but can’t get take out because I’m allergic to shellfish and many restaurants cook all the meat in the same wok. So, I modified a recipe I found online for vegetable lo mein and added the Orange Gardein Chickn with it and let me tell you…..this…..is…..awesome! Read on for the recipe!


Frozen stir fry vegetables (I get mine from costco)
fresh mushrooms
minced garlic
Olive Oil
Honey **Omit this ingredient to make the whole thing Vegan!!**
Soy Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Vegetable Broth
Gardein Mandarin Orange Cripsy chick’n – Gardein’s website here

How To:

1. Saute about a half a teaspoon of minced garlic with the fresh mushrooms in the olive oil.

2. Add Frozen vegetables and saute all together until soft

3. Start Pasta boiling and cook to directions on package

4. To the vegetable mix, add: 1 cup of vegetable broth, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, and honey and teriyaki to taste. Reduce until you have the amount of sauce you desire

5. Drain Pasta and mix with the vegetable/sauce mix.

6. Cook gardein according to package directions and serve with lo mein



As I pointed out in the ingredients, this recipe is easily made vegan just by omitting the honey. If you want a vegan sweetener, you can use mollasses or omit the sweetener altogether. All ingredients can be changed to taste, I’m giving you the guidelines I use. Another great thing about this recipe for those of you like me who are allergic to shellfish: there are no shellfish ingredients (such as oyster sauce) in the gardein orange chick’n or the sauce. It’s completely vegan and devoid of animal ingredients. Enjoy! This is one of my favorite meals!


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