My Greek Salad Recipe – Cheesecake Factory Dupe

Court's Greek Salad

My Greek Salad

I recently went to the cheesecake factory and had one of their new tapas-style dishes and it was the most delicious greek salad I’ve ever had! I wanted to recreate this at home since it seemed so easy. The only item that was in the Cheesecake factory’s salad that isn’t on mine is feta cheese. This recipe is Vegetarian but not Vegan (there is cheese in the dressing); however, it is vegan-able if you can find a greek dressing without cheese! (I haven’t thus far). Read on for the recipe…..

What You Will Need

Arugula lettuce
Tomato, cut into bite sized pieces
Cucumber, cut into bite sized pieces
Red onion – add to your liking
Greek Olives, 3-6 Olives
Greek Dressing, 2 tbsp. I used Kraft’s Greek vinaigrette
Optional (not in my recipe): Feta Cheese

What You Do

Cut up all the vegetables, combine in a salad bowl and add dressing – easy!


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  1. It’s Awesome
    Lovely post 🙂

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