Vegetarianism…..My Decision and Beginning

My Maltese Dog, Philip

My Oldest Maltese Dog, Philip

This is a non-makeup post, so if you beauty gals are only here for that, you can skip this one. This is the first in a series chronicling my decision to rid my diet of meat products. This is meant to be explanatory for those who wonder why one would be meat-free as well as encouragement for those of you who want to do the same. So, keep reading if you wish…..

The Decision

~My Food History

The way I make all life-changing decisions in my life is by doing as much reasearch as possible and deciding if the change is something I can stick with. This is no different. I guess for you to really understand where this originates, I need to tell you about my eating past. As a high schooler, I cut out all red meat in an attempt to lose weight, nothing more. I did this for quite a few years until I met my red-meat-loving husband. I decided that it wasn’t such a big deal at the time, so I began eating red meat again. Let me tell you one thing, for anyone who thinks this is easy for me, it’s not. I LOVE steak. I am allergic to shellfish, so steak was just about the most savory indulgent thing I ate.

~Food, Inc

Fast forward to the last few years of my life. I have always striven to have the most healthy diet possible to keep me at my top-level of health and have done various diets in the past few years to try to achieve that. I am always looking for the new and latest information on how what we eat affects our health because I believe food plays a pivotal role in how we feel and our overall health. In doing this, I watched several documentaries. I watched Food, Inc a few years ago and that had a big effect on what I bought at the grocery store. At that time, I was focused on buying organic foods free of pesticides and additives as well as eliminating as many chemicals as possible. It was at this time that I gave up aspartame in my diet, and over a year later, it’s still not anything I consume. So, this change allowed me to see that if I feel strongly enough about something, I can do it even when it’s difficult.

~Forks Over Knives

Being aware of the social issues surrounding food, I’ve been reading books and watching documentaries whenever I can. This brings me to last month. I watched a new documentary called Forks Over Knives and it’s what pushed me to make this decision. Forks Over Knives describes how research, time and again, has found that  a plant-based diet not only prevents but reverses many of the illnesses that plague the human population. This information was so compelling that I decided at that moment that I was going to cut my meat-eating down from three times a day to only once a day. I recommend this documentary to anyone wanting  to improve their health!


After watching Forks Over Knives, I was doing more and more reasearch into plant-based diets and Vegetarianism. I quickly learned that one of the documentaries recommended by many Vegans is Earthlings. This documentary, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (vegan), goes through all facets of animal influence on our world and shows you the hardcore truth about it all. This is a TOUGH documentary to watch and only recommend you watch it after doing some preliminary research and decision-making. It shows the animal cruelty that takes place, takes you inside slaughter houses, and exposes all the horrible things we do to animals as humans. This is what solidified my decision to cut all meat out of my diet. It is a documentary that you do not forget. I promise you that.

Rescued Kitty

One of the Kittens Me and My Husband Rescued from being dumped in our neighboorhood a few years ago – she now has a nice home. 🙂

~I Love Animals and Know they have Feelings

As you can see from the picture of my dog, I am an animal owner. I get angry when I see animals mistreated and did rescue a litter of kittens I found in my neighborhood. What have I learned from my dogs? I’ll tell you:

    • Animals have feelings – My dogs whine when I leave the room, they bark at people trying to walk into our property, etc… I know this to be true.
    • Animals feel pain. If I accidentally step on my dogs paw, she squeals in pain. They cry when they are sick. They DO feel pain just like we do.
    • Animals serve us in so many ways. In addition to my dogs being companions to me, they put me in a better mood when I’m around them. My dogs know when I’m sick and they snuggle up to me to try to make me feel better.
    • Animals need us to watch out for them. We are at the top of the food chain and the animals count on us to assure that they are taken care of.

What does this all mean? After all I’ve read, watched, and learned, I realize that not only do I not need animals to survive but I do not want to continue to hurt them for my own appetite. If it’s better for our human health to eat plants, and it’s better for animal well-being and survival, why not go vegetarian? That was sort of my reasoning.

~Where Do I go From Here

I know vegetarianism isn’t for everyone. I did a TON of research about this before I made my decision. In addition to the documentaries I listed, I read ‘Skinny Bitch’ and ‘The Kind Diet.’ Both books have great information in them about vegetarianism/veganism and will help anyone considering this. Above all, I believe we need to know where our food comes from. I believe if many knew where their food came from and how it was obtained, they would join me.

~How I feel on this Diet

I feel awesome! Keep in mind, I’m still transitioning which means I eat meat about three times a week just to eat the leftover meat in the house (meat I bought Before I made this decision). After cutting this much meat from my diet, I noticed a change immediately. I just feel more energized, lighter, and overall better. I don’t miss meat, and in fact, I dread the thought of eating it. Everytime I look at meat on a plate, all I think about is how it’s dead and rotting; I think of the images I saw in Earthlings and how it will make me feel icky and I just don’t want it. I don’t want to waste though, so I don’t just want to throw out all the meat in the house – an animal did die to give me that, so I don’t want to just throw it out.

~My Goal

Most all the reasearch tells you to go Vegan. I would love to do this and am trying my hardest to eliminate diary in my diet, but I live in the southern US, not California, so It is super hard to find Vegan restaurants/grocery stores here. If just for the purposes of eating out, I pretty much have to let some dairy in my diet. So, my goal (at the end of the transition) is to be completely Vegetarian, with means no meat. I want to eliminate diary at home, so I want to be about 80% vegan if that makes sense. I’m already trying to find a milk substitute as well as cheese substitutes for home.


 If anyone has any questions, let me know! Thanks for your time!


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