Orly Seashell Swatch for Susan G. Komen + Mini Review

Orly Seashell for Susan g. Komen

Orly Seashell for Susan G. Komen

It’s October, so it means that you will be seeing pink everywhere! It’s breast cancer awareness month and during October, many cosmetics manufacturers like to kick out a lot of pink products and give proceeds to breast cancer research. Since recently deciding to go cruelty free with my makeup, I’ve turned to Orly since Sally Hansen is now a no-no for me. I have to tell y’all, I can’t believe I waited this long to try Orly. I’ll go on about how awesome they are in the mini-review. Keep on reading for more…..


This is a beautiful pink color. It’s very reminiscent of a girly pink. When I put it on, I automatically felt like a princess; and, y’all know pink nail polish isn’t my favorite. I love pink, it’s my favorite color but I like dark colors on my nails. This, however, is an exception. I’m going to be rocking this over and over again. As far as what gets donated to Susan G. Komen, according to the flag on the bottle, it’s 5% of the sales. I bought this at Sally Beauty Supply in the Orly Breast Cancer Awareness display. I think that Sally is the only one doing this special collection.

Orly Review

I love Orly! I don’t think I’ve seen so many complex and varied colors in one line before. The bottle is awesome, it had a nice grippy bottle top which is great when you’re painting your own nails (as I do). The formula is great, very even, and opaque in less than three coats. The swatches I have below are three coats, just for good measure. The life of the polish is also really great. I would say it’s a cross between Essie and OPI as far as wear time. It wears longer than OPI on me but slightly less than Essie. Either way, it wears very well. Also, I need to point out that the swatches below were taken at three days into the manicure!! This could be attributed to both my gelous base coat and my fast dry top coat, but it’s still impressive. LOVE IT!

Orly Seashell Bottle

Orly in ‘Seashell’ Bottle

Orly Seashell Swatch

Orly ‘Seashell’ Swatch. Remember, these are taken three days into the manicure!

Orly Seashell Swatch

Orly ‘Seashell’ Swatch

Go get your Orly on! Orly is sold in Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, and even sold at my CVS.


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