Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Milani Inifinite Liner Packaging

Milani Infinite Liner in Eternal and Endless

I’m here today with a review of Milani infinite liquid liner. According to the product and Milani, these eyeliners wear for 24 hours. I am going to go ahead and tell you that this is a RAVE review. These DO last for 24 hours – they are not joking! Read on for the review and swatches……


According to Milani, this product…..

“Up to 24 hour long lasting formula that wears with comfort and color intensity to perfection. Now you can line your eyes with ease for an all day long elegant glance. Remove with makeup remover.”

I very much agree with Milani’s claims and you’ll see why in the pictures. I always knew that this was the longest lasting bright-colored liner I could buy in the drugstore but I those beliefs were reinforced when I was swatching for this post. I scrubbed at the swatches with soap, I showered, etc…. and the swatches are still there on my arms 24 hours later. Now, they aren’t looking like the full color swatches. A lot of the product has rubbed away but you can still see stripes on my arm. That’s a long-lasting liner, folks. I have pictures below of the swatches after I scrubbed with soap for you enjoyment. Other great things about the liner? The colors are beautiful and almost metallic. The formula goes on soooo smoothly – like butter, really. The only downside is that they only have a few colors, but hey, they have the ones I really want, so I’m not even really complaining about that. I have two colors, Endless and Eternal. They are a green and purple. These liners are top-notch if you ask me, all around. I highly endorse them. The reason I wear liquid liner daily (vs. pencil or getl) is the bold color and lasting power. These do the job as much as a brightly colored liner can.


I recently discovered Milani this year (I can’t believe it took me so long)! I previously didn’t know anything about the quality of the products and since they are a smaller display at the drugstore, I tended to overlook it. As I got more involved in tbe beauty community online (blogging, youtube), I learned that people were raving about Milani. So, I bought one product – a pencil liner. It was as good as the 20 dollar liner I get from Urban Decay. So, I bought another product – a liquid felt tip eyeliner. Well, lets just say that this product is now my holy grail liquid eyeliner (the Eyetech liquid liner). After this, I bought more products as time went by and I’ll tell you this – I’ve NEVER had a bad product from Milani. They are all superior drugstore products and most even trump higher end lines. I love milani and take advantage every time they are on sale. I cannot recommend them enough. Love milani.

Milani Infinite Liner Brush

The brush for the liner, up close. It is very thin which makes application easy. However, it is still a brush and reccommend newbies to liquid liner try a felt tip liquid or gel first for some practice.

Milani Infinite Liner Swatches

Swatches. You can see that the colors are BEAU-tiful.

Milani Infinite Liner Swatches after Scrubbing

Swatches after scrubbing vigorously with soap! This stuff stays on!


If you’re looking for a colorful liquid liner that is going to look great and stay on all day long, Milani is your guy. Also, if you don’t have a ton of cash to spend, even better – Milani is your BEST bet. I whole heartedly recommend this brand for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for prestige makeup but wants the same quality products. I love Milani’s eyeliners, blushes, lip products ,etc…


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