New York Color Kiss Gloss in Blood Red from Halloween 2011 Collection

NYC Kiss Gloss in Blood Red

NYC Kiss Gloss in ‘Blood Red’

Yes folks, the Halloween collections are hitting the stores in August! I’m not a big Halloween fan but I love the colors that come out with the collections because they’re dark, vampy, and mysterious. So, beauty-wise, Halloween is a great time of year for me. I snatched up two things from the NYC Halloween collection, this lipgloss and the false lashes. I’ll write about the falsies after I wear them. As far as New York Color as a brand is concerned, I’m very happy with it overall. It’s a very budget friendly line which can be off-putting for some, as they assume it’s bad quality. I can’t speak for the entire line as I can for say, Revlon, because I haven’t used the entire gamut of all they offer; however, some of the products are really awesome and it’s an added bonus that they don’t cost a lot. NYC’s translucent smooth skin loose powder is my holy grail setting powder. I also think their creme bronzer (limited edition – bronze radiance) and cream blushes are as good as prestige brands and I love those as well (and use them daily). Now…..on with the review……


These retail for about $2.99 (from the website for NYC color) and can be purchased at target, drugstores, and wal mart. The brand is very accessible. I got this limited edition gloss from Rite Aid. There are three lipgloss colors in the Halloween line, the red I have here, a black, and a white. It comes in a squeeze tube, which is great because it’s very hygienic. You get plenty of product at 0.31 fl oz. The gloss doesn’t have a scent that I can detect, so I would categorize it as unscented.


These glosses are what I would call typical for any regular gloss. They are smooth, not sticky. However, there wear is what I would call average. I would not say these are long wearing. However, the gloss is small enough to take it with you so you can reapply. If you want a long wearing gloss, you need to go with higher end glosses or the l’oreal infalliable long wear glosses. But, I would say these wear as well as the other drugstore glosses that are out there for a heftier price tag. I just haven’t found a drugstore lipgloss that wears as well as Buxom or MAC.

The color is the reason I like this gloss. It looks red in the tube but it goes on as more of a darker pink. This is not to say it isn’t pigmented but it just doesn’t go on exactly like you expect it too. I do like the color and don’t think I have anything quite like it in my collection. So, to me, this is the draw. I would say buy this if you…..A.) love Halloween and everything related B.) Don’t have a color like the swatch in your collection or C.) Just want to try something from the NYC line that you may like.

Kiss Gloss in Blood Red dispenser

The dispenser and product.

NYC Kiss Gloss Blood Red Swatch

Swatch. You can see that this is a pink color when applied, not a dark, vampy red.


I am very happy overall with this purchase and will buy kiss gloss again if I see colors that are unique to my collection. It’s wear time is average for a drugstore gloss or a gloss that doesn’t claim to be long wearing. NYC has lots of limited edition colors, and this is one of them, so if you want it, get it now. I do like their core line of products and seasonal limited edition products. If you are new to the brand, I would recommend their translucent powder, cream blush/bronzers, liquid eyeliners, or nailpolishes.


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