Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful Bronzing Palette Swatches and Review

Too Faced The Bronzed and the Beautiful Packaging

Too Faced ‘The Bronzed and the Beautiful’ Palette Packaging

Ahh, Too Faced, how I love Thee! I think this is my first Too Faced post on the new blog, which is surprising. Many of you probably don’t know but Too Faced is what kicked my love of makeup into full gear. I went to Ulta one day and decided to check out the prestige section and discovered this brand I’d never heard of – Too Faced. The packaging is so cute that I bought a product or two without even knowing how incredibly high quality it is. From there on, I have tried to achieve my goal of ‘eat, sleep, breathe’ makeup. I dug this product out as part of my ‘use up my stash’ challenge where I’m trying to grab products I have neglected in the recent past and use them up. Continue reading for my rave review and more too faced goodness!


This is a palette which uses heavy-duty cardboard, magnetic, fold out packaing. If you’ve used the Too Faced Eyeshadow palettes, this packaging is very similar. The product is still online at Too Faced’s website and retails for $38.00. I personally bought this a few years ago at Ulta. Too Faced is sold at Ulta and Sephora. I feel like sephora is often better stocked on the products but that’s all that I’ll say about that. The palette contains three bronzers, ‘sun bunny’, ‘snow bunny’, and ‘pink leopard.’ From what I understand, these are too faced’s best selling products all rolled into one. You get plenty of product here folks. You get 4 grams of snow bunny and 2.5 of the other two. You also get a brush included with this set. It’s a ‘flatbuki’ brush and I believe this is from their teddy bear hair line. As a bonus, all of Too faced’s products are high quality, in fabulous packaging, and are cruelty free! So, you can feel good about your animal friends while using this.


I adore Too faced. That goes without saying, I think, since Too Faced is the brand that started my makeup obsession. I have never experienced a Too Faced product that was bad quality or didn’t perform. I own their bronzers, eyeshadows, lipglosses, blushes, etc…. Love them all! I will always love Too Faced. The only downside is the price – it is a prestige brand. But, I feel that a lot of time, you get what you pay for. With that price, you get fabulous packaging, a top notch product, and a brand that will never let you down. Plus, it’s not that pricey when you compare to other Sephora lines like Urban Decay, Nars, Makeup Forever, etc…. I highly recommend Too Faced. If you see a product you’re interested in, I say swatch it in the store and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I highly recommend anything from the line. With a Too Faced review, we can’t leave out the much hyped Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It really does what it claims to folks – I love that stuff! Go get your too faced!


Back to the Bronzed and Beautiful Palette. I love these colors! I use Sun Bunny as a bronzer. I use Snow Bunny as a highlighter. I use Pink Leopard as a blush. I’m fair skinned, so that’s how I choose to use them. However, I feel this would work with any skintone. You may just have to combine the colors or use them in a different arrangement. These colors are highly pigmented and do wear all day, no problem. You kinda have to use a light hand due to the heavy pigmentation. But, that’s okay – I’ll take that ANY day over crappy pigmentation. As an added bonus, the brush that comes with the set isn’t one of those you must throw out because it’s not good for anything. The brush is so soft and does blend the colors well. I think this brush is awesome. definitely not one of those that you will never use again. On with the pictures…

Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful Product View

You can see that this palette has been well-loved by me. This is the open packaging with all three of the products shown. (sun bunny’s name got cut off at the bottom)

Too Faced the Bronzed and the Beautiful Open Packaging

Packaging Wide Open. Too Faced absolutely Take the Cake for cute packaging!

Too Faced The Bronzed and the Beautiful Swatches

Labeled Swatches. You can see that the first two are shimmery but Sun Bunny is pretty matte.

OVERALL: This is a great, high-end bronzing palette. It’s a great deal, as you get the three most popular bronzers for 38.00. I have loved using these this summer as a bronzer, blush, and highlighter in one palette. The packaging is too cute for words and Too Faced is a brand I trust. The product is high quality, pigmented, and long wearing. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the brand and all the products I have. Go get your summer in a palette!



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  1. hey, I just stopped by to say that someone is stealing parts of your posts (and she does it with other people as well) Check it out here

  2. Too Face! I love everything about this product. The bronzers are great for summer. Plus, it’s not too expensive.

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