Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor Swatches and Review

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor Collection

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor Collection

This post is about the Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor. As you can see from the picture of my collection above, I adore these! This is a relatively new product from Bare Minerals and one of their first deviations from the standard, loose mineral eyeshadows. I only bought one at first and loved it so much, I went out and bought the rest of the colors in the original line. Since then, they’ve debuted a few more colors this year and I bought one of those that I saw as one of my favorites. Bare minerals claims the following from their site….

“Get high-intensity sheen from the naturally vibrant pigments of bareMinerals High Shine Eyecolors. Free of preservatives and chemical irritants, the velvety-smooth, long-wearing formula glides on effortlessly for an extra creamy, opaque finish full of glistening, foiled effects. Plus the convenient, cushion-tip wand allows easy, on-the-go application anytime, anywhere.

Safe for contact lens wearers.”

Does it live up to the claims? Continue reading to see…….


The packaging is a small tube with a sponge applicator to use for application. You can see from the picture I’ll have below that the product looks like a finely milled powder on the applicator. Truly, it is a powder that glides on like a cream. You can get some fallout from the packaging when you pull the applicator out. However, I never seem to get fallout from when I apply these to my eyes.


The most awesome thing about these is that they wear…..all….day….long. Seriously, you put these on and they don’t fade, don’t disappear, don’t crease. The colors are beautiful and vibrant and do appear as though it’s a foiled pigment (pigment applied wet). So, if you want the look of a foiled pigment but don’t want to suffer the learning curve or are a beginner, these are highly recommended by me. Of course, I recommend these highly anyway! I love bare minerals eyeshadow and these are no exception! They are beautiful, easy to apply and stay all day. What more can you ask for?


I recommend using these as a lid color or base and apply your crease shadow on top. I use the lighter colors all over as a wash of color (similar to how I’d use a MAC paint pot). My favorite color is the teal, of course. I adore beautiful teal shadows. I use it on the lid and apply my crease color on top and blend it out. These are incredibly easy to blend out also. Because they are so highly pigmented, I’d recommend not applying and blending the color with the applicator. I use the applicator to swipe one or two passes on my eyes and blend it out with my fingers. With colors like plum or teal, if you apply all of it with the applicator, you’re going to have a super bold look since the colors are just that pigmented. Before we move on to the pictures, I will mention that the only downside of the packaging is that the names of the colors are nowhere to be found on the package. So, I am using my best guess with the help of the website to figure out how to label swatches.

Bare Minerals High shine Eyecolor Applicator Up close

The applicator up close. You can see the finely milled powder on the applicator and rim (but it still applies like a cream!).

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor Applicator

Packaging with applicator

Bare Minerals high shine eyecolor Swatches

Swatches – aren’t they beautiful?

Bare Minerals High Shine eyecolor Swatches Up close

Swatches up close. You can see the shimmer in them. Beautiful.

Bare Minerals High Shine eyecolor Swatches Up Close

You can see how pretty the teal is here.


Final thoughts: These eyeshadows are all around wonderful. I recommend any eyeshadow by bare minerals but especially these. I’ve told the Bare Minerals girls that these are the longest wearing eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. I just cannot say enough good about them. I think that it does live up to all the claims by Bare Minerals and it’s an added bonus that there isn’t bad chemically stuff in it either! They are pigmented, apply like a dream, wear all day, and now come in both bolds and neutrals. If you’re a neutral girl, go with ‘Ice’, if you’re a bold babe like me, go for the ‘deep teal’. Go get your bare minerals on!


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  1. I recently played around with this product and was so impressed. very very shiny and beautiful. I can’t wait to buy one. I am writing up a blog list of things I like and hope you don’t mind if I use a couple of your images (with a link back here, of course)

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