Revlon’s Just Bitten Lipstain Review and Swatches

Lipstains are perfect for summer since they don’t wear off easily and are pretty much waterproof. A good lipstain will stay there forever and is hard to get off your lips. I’m reviewing the Revlon version today as I’ve been using and loving these during the summer. What makes revlon stand out from the other stains is the lip balm that is included on the end of the stain tube. You really need a balm to keep your lips hydrated while wearing a stain and Revlon has made this very convienient. Plus, they do have a pretty extensive range of colors compared with other lines and also have some limited edition colors as well. Today, I have two colors for you, ‘Forbidden’ and ‘Instinct.’ On with the pictures……

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Packaging

The colors I have are ‘Forbidden’ (top) and ‘Instinct’ (bottom). I believe ‘Instainct’ is limited edition but it is avaliabe at this time. You can see the balm at the right and the ‘marker’ type tip at the left.

Revlon Just Bitten Packaging

Packaging up close

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Marker

The color applicator is very similar to a ‘marker’ for your lips. The color can bleed if you ‘paint’ too close to the edge of your lips, so start towards the center.

Revlon Just bitten lipstain balm

Up close of the lip balm on the packaging

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Swatches

Swatches: ‘Forbidden’ on the left and ‘Instinct’ on the right.


As you can see from the satches, ‘forbidden’ is much more muted and nude than ‘Instinct’, but I like them both. Even though it may not appear to be from the swatches, ‘Forbidden’ shows up pretty dark on me. One thing I would advise when picking out a lipstain is count on the fact that it will show up darker/brighter (whichever is applicable) on your lips than on the tube. Despite the fact that the company tries to match the packaging to the color, there really isn’t a way to get a great idea of the color unless you swatch or apply it. So, my tip is to buy more nude than you plan on wearing. For me, ‘forbidden’ is PERFECT! It’s a nice shade of nude that stays all day. I would advise this color for those of you who like lighter lips and are wanting to try a lipstain. As for the wear, they do stay on all day. In fact, if you try it out and don’t like it, good luck getting it off because this stuff doesn’t go anywhere for a while. This can be a great thing but could be bad if you hate the color. So, as I said before, pick colors carefully and go with more muted colors in general. The other downside is that stains can be drying but alas, there’s balm on the end of the tube! Hooray! Good going, revlon.

Overall, I love these; especially for the summer. I can’t ever find a lipstick or lipgloss that will stay without reapplying and these stains do the job well. I love these for wet conditions like the pool because there is no worry about them coming off. If you are itching to try a stain, I think Revlon is the way to go.


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