Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Single Shadows Review and Swatches

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Packaging

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Packaging: color is Swiss Chocolate

The covergirl eye enhancers are not new to me as I used these lots in high school way back over 10 years ago! Whew! I was actually avoiding them for the last few years I had discovered high ened makeup and those shadows beat the pants off of covergirl. However, I recently purchased these while they were on sale and I got them for a steal. I have to say I was pleasantly suprised! I don’t know if cover girl changed their formula but it’s quite possible that they have as things do change over a decade. read on to see what I thought……


I have to say I’m a bit disappointed here. Even though I suspect they have changed the eye shadow formula for the better, the packaging………still……the…..same! Us girls love cute packaging and I would really like to see covergirl step up to the plate! It’s a single pot inside plastic packaging with the ‘cg’ logo. I feel like I”m still in the early 90’s from a glance at the packaging. You do get quite a bit of product, which is a plus. Each shadow contains 2.5 grams which is pretty generous. They do have a saftey seal which is applauded and they come with a sponge applicator which I never use.


The color selection is still pretty slim for the single shadows. They have a good bit of neutral colors but where I feel drugstore lines have failed is the brighter more vibrant colors. You don’t see many of those brights in the line and you don’t see a large variety of neutrals  but there are enough. As far as the pigmentation, they are what I would say is average for drugstore brands. Now, ten years ago, I would have said they are poor but they are now par for course with the other lines (except wet n wild – no drugstore line has the pigmentation they do). So, props to cover girl for improving pigmentation! Here is where I was really impressed: I used ELF primer and the cover girl intense shadow blast cream color base (awesome product, BTW)  with both of these shadows and they lasted all day with no creasing or fading. You may need to dip your brush in a couple of times to get the level of color you want but you will get it. I’m very happy with this but would adivse that you do use a primer or colored base to get the results you want from the shadows.


As I mentioned before, I used a primer. With my primer and base, these shadows applied evenly and smoothly. I did have to go for more color on a second application but I did get the level I wanted.

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Packaging

Packaging for ‘Swiss chocolate’.

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Swiss Chocolate

Up close shot of ‘Swiss Chocolate.’ You can see this is a medium brown with shimmer.

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Champagne

Up close shot of ‘champagne.’ And as the name states, this is a neutral champagne color.

 Cover Girl Single Eye Enhancers Swatches

Swatches. You can see that it may take more than one application to get good coverage but the color is there.


I think Cover Girl has done a great job of improving their line overall. I think that they have spent more effort on the newer products such as the cream colored shadow and the lip perfection lipsticks and these are definately a hit out of the park. I think that the eye enhancers are definately MUCH improved but still have some room for growth in the areas of packaging and color range. The pigmentation is much better and I can definately use these for every day wear. The price is great at 2.99 a pop and plenty of coupons and sales. If you need a more pigmented long wearing color though, stick with high end or Wet N Wild. But, like I said, for every day wear, these are really good.


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