Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish Swatches and Review

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish

Today, I’m writing about one of my favorite lip glosses of all time! Buxom is a line by Bare Minerals (bare escentuals) and consists of various eye and lip products. I believe this product, the lip gloss, was the first buxom product rolled out. I have to say that I love every Buxom product I have used and this includes the gloss, eyeliner, and mascara. In fact, Buxom mascara is my holy grail high-end mascara. I would use it exclusively if I could afford it. 🙂 Keep Reading for the Review…..


 They are marketed as glosses that make your lips appear more plump. They come in a variety of shades including gloss and more full coverage gloss (more opaque). I did not buy any of the full coverage line as I like my gloss to be sheer. With that in mind, these glosses ARE pigmented and do show up as the color you see. They have a cooling sensation when applied to the lips which is very nice and more than welcome in the middle of the summer. The scent is a minty vanilla which is also great but not obnoxious.


The shape of the gloss tube is very pleasing to the eye with it’s curved design. It’s very sturdy and easy to find in your purse. You get plenty of product at 0.15 fl oz. If you’re wondering why I have one small gloss at the top, it’s because that gloss was part of a set of two smaller glosses. The other three are full sized tubes. Now……the naming of the product! I LOVE the naming of the glosses. They each have a girls name as the identifier. Princess, trixie, lacey, dolly…… So cute. And, each gloss has a flagship ‘girl’ with the name on the outside packaging. Cute!


 When the wand is pulled, the gloss doesn’t splash everywhere and is easy to pull out and place back which is a definite plus!


These glosses stay on! That is probably the one thing that I love the most about them. They aren’t overly sticky but manage to stay on for a few hours which is rare for gloss. The color looks awesome as well. I will go through the colors I have with the pictures below to better describe them.

On with the pictures, starting with my favorite color……Princess. 🙂

Buxom Princess Lip Gloss Wand

Buxom Princess. This is a sheer neutral pink which I love for any day of the week, hands down.

 Buxom Princess Lip Gloss Close up

This is an up-close shot of ‘Princess.’ You can see there is glitter in the product but it’s very finely milled. You cannot feel the glitter on your lips but can see the shimmer when applied.

Buxom Dolly Wand

Buxom ‘Dolly.’ This is a more opaque mauvey shade.

Buxom Trixie Lip gloss wand

This is ‘Trixie.’ Trixie is a darker blue based pink. Love this one as well!

Buxom Lacey Lip Gloss

This is the mini-gloss, ‘Lacey.’ I got this in a set of two smaller glosses which was awesome since I got to try more than one shade for the price. I never thought I would use this orange/coral color when I bought it but with the popularity of coral this summer, I have come to love the coral shades and have been using this a ton! It Looks fantastic over a coral lipstick!

Buxom Lip Gloss Swatches

And finally….the swatches. I have them labeled above so you can see how each color looks applied. They are all great if you ask me!

BOTTOM LINE: I love these glosses and even though they are more expensive, I think they are totally worth the price. You can get these at sephora, bare minerals online, or the bare minerals botiques. Some Buxom products are exclusive to sephora, but I don’t believe these are. I can’t tell you one bad thing about them. The only people I would tell to avoid these are those that do not like the cooling sensation they give to your lips. Otherwise, I whole-heartedly reccomend them !!


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