Sinful Colors ‘Unicorn’ Swatch

Another Swatch of a Sinful Colors polish. This one is called ‘Unicorn’ and it is a pale yellow pastel. I picked it up at the newest Sinful colors display at Walgreens. So, I’m not sure if it’s a new color or a re-promote but it could very well be new. Slideshow on the click…..

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I’ve already stated my opinion of the line in previous posts. However, all colors differ in the application and opacity. This color took three coats to be opaque. It also went on very streaky. I had to clean up my manicure quite a bit after application due to how messy it is to apply and get even. I must also point out that the bubbling you see in the pictures isn’t from the polish but my topcoat. The Sally hansen diamond shine topcoat I use keeps my color from chipping but it causes bubbling. I see it as a sort of trade off until I find a better formula.

So, I would say that I don’t reccomend this formula over other sinful colors shades due to application glitches. However, if you’re looking for a low cost yellow polish, this one would be perfect for you. I also didn’t particularly like the way it looks against my pink-toned skin but that is to be expected with any yellow color.

UPDATE: After a week of wear and removal, I have found that this stuff stains something fierce! It will turn your nails a pale shade of yellow. I didn’t use a base coat, so I would advise one. In the brand’s defense, however, I have read that many yellow nail polishes have a tendency to stain. Use a base coat with any nail polish -> that’s my advice.


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