Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Review and Swatches

It’s summer time and that means bronzers are in season! Although I must say that I use a bronzer year round to countour my very round face and make it look more angled. So, to me, bronzers are an all year staple. The bronzer I’m showing you today is the Physician’s formula Bronze Booster. My color is ‘fair to light’ as I’m pretty pale. It is a matte bronzer that can be bought from the drugstore. Physician’s formula is often more pricier than other drugstore lines but you can usually find a good sale on a regular basis. In fact, I got this product from Target when they had the ‘buy two get a five dollar gift card’ deal. Not too shabby.

On to the review. What I love about this bronzer is that it is MATTE! For a great contour color to look realistic it needs to be matte. People don’t shimmer naturally so a shimmery bronzer will not look as authentic as a matte one. Plus, I love that this bronzer is not too dark for my skin. I have encountered both of these problems with typical drugstore bronzers and Physician’s formula has solved this a great way. I also will say that I love the packaging. It’s sturdy, clean, attractive and compact. They give you a tiny brush that is housed in the bottom compartment of the packaging but I never use this. I find the brush is too small and stiff. It could be good for touch-ups however. I really don’t have any complaints about this bronzer as it is my favorite drugstore powder bronzer. I do still prefer a cream bronzer and I’m still seaching for the perfect drugstore cream bronzer. I’ll let you know when I find it. 🙂 On with the pictures…..

Physicians formula bronze booster packaging

This is the outside packaging of the bronzer. I love that it’s in a bronze color which reminds you – ‘hey, I’m a bronzer…remember me?!?’

Physician's formula bronze booster in 'fair to light' up close

This is the product up close. It is embossed with the name of the product. As you can see, it is light and no shimmer here. You can also tell I’ve used this quite a few times…

 Physicians formula bronze booster packaging

This is the interior compartment which houses the brush. The pan on the hinge, above the brush is the pan which holds the product. So, the packaging could be decieving if you aren’t aware of this compartment as you would think the whole compact is full of product.

Physician's formula bronze booster swatch

…And the swach. I swatched it on my finger because it doesn’t show up very well as a swatch on my skin. I have to apply a couple of layers to get a good contour for my face. This is all good though, I’d rather build than look fake.

Bronze Booster Label in 'Fair to light'

The label. I will say that they have two other bronze booster colors that I believe should suit the majority of skin tones so don’t get discouraged that this appears too light for your skin. There are two other shades in the line.

Overall, I highly reccomend this bronzer. It is my favorite drugstore bronzer and I’ll say that physicans formula is the line I go to for my blush/bronzer/highlighter needs. I really don’t have anything bad to say about the line as I have never been disappointed with any of their products. I just wish they’d expand the line a bit more and include more products and more choices. Go get your contour on folks!


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