Revlon Luminous Color Eyeshadows Swatches and Review

I really love Revlon as far as drugstore makeup goes. Their colorstay foundation tops my list of best foundations ever and at the price, it’s a great deal. I recently started branching out my Revlon collection and grabbed a few of the single eyeshadows, which Revlon refers to as “Luminous Color’ eyeshadows. They come in single pans and you get 2.4 grams of product each which is a generous amount. They come in different finishes, similar to MAC eyshadows though Revlon certainly does not have MAC’s range. The types are Pearle, Satin, Matte. Revlon doesn’t describe these but we know matte is a flat finish without sparkle. The pearle definately has shimmer and some finely milled glitter. The satin has shimmer but I don’t notice any large glitter particles. I have two pearles and one satin. The pearles are ‘Sunlit Sparkle’ and ‘Black Galaxy’; the satin is ‘Peacock Lustre.’  So…on with the pictures!!

 Revlon Luminous Shadow Peacock Lustre Packaging

This is the outside packaging. The color shown is the ‘Peacock Lustre’ (satin) color.

 Revlon Luminous Shadow Peacock Lustre Open Packaging

This is the open packaging for the shadows. You get a small sponge with each and it has a rippled texture to the shadow.


Revlon Luminous Shadow Sunlit Sparkle

This is ‘Sunlit Sparkle’ (Pearle). It’s a nice cream color with sparkle. I love this for using as a brow highlight and blending shade.

Revlon Luminous color Black Galaxy

This is ‘Black Galaxy'(pearle). It is a black with glitters.

Revlon Luminous Shadow Peacock Lustre

And finally, ‘Peacock Lustre’ (satin). It’s a blueish teal. Love my teals!

 Revlon Luminous Shadow Swatches

And swatches with the colors listed. I used NO primer here and you can see that they are a little sparse because of it.

So, the review. Overall, I feel these are good drugstore shadows but not as great as Wet N’ Wild drugstore shadows as the wet n’ wild are definately more pigmented. I do like that you get a lot of product here and you can pick singles. I do use these shadows and like them for everyday wear. I like smoky eyes and I use the ‘Black galaxy’ for smoky looks sometimes. I will say that you must use primer with these to get them to last and I reccomend using an eyeshadow base such as a cream shadow for extra staying power. They did fade on me after 8+ hours of wear. I like that these are affordable and I like the color selection and how the shadows differ in finish. It’s difficult to find more than just shimmer/matte in drugstore selection. They do apply smoothy and easily as well. I will warn you to be careful with the packaging as I have had shadows break and shatter when dropped. I had to re-buy ‘Black Galaxy’ due to shattering it. They are pretty well pigmented as well for the drugstore category. 

I would reccomend these shadows for everyday wear but say that if you need long lasting, go with Wet N Wild or prestige brands like MAC or Urban Decay.


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