Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Raisin the Bar

Another Nail Polish Swatch! I went to rite aid recently and they had a great sale on Sally Hansen. I do like sally hansen a lot but I’m picky about which polishes in the line I purchase. I am picky about buying only colors that are unique and also am picky about the formula. I need something that won’t chip or else I’ll end up doing my nails every day as I always have polish on. The slideshow below show’s my manicure with Sally Hansen’s complete salon manicure formula in ‘raisin the bar’. It’s a pretty dusty rose. If you’re wondering what’s on my index finger, it’s Sally Hansen’s Crackle polish in ‘distressed denim’. This isn’t a review of the crackle, but I will say that I’m impressed with the sally hansen crackle line. It’s especially good if you’re looking for a budget friendly crackle polish.

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So, for the formula…. Sally hansen claims that the complete salon manicure is an all in one – base coat, top coat, color, strengthener, etc…. I wouldn’t advise using it without at top coat, but I will say that all this combined makes it a good drugstore formula. I would compare this formula to that of OPI as far as the way it feels. The brush included is very flat and wide, so though some may find that awkward, I like it. I feel it makes it easier to apply the polish in very few strokes. The dry time isn’t ‘insta-dri’ fast but it doesn’t take forever like OPI can. I would say that I really am impressed with the formula and have repurchased them since my first experience with them. Also, the color selection is very good; there are many trendy colors and they often release a line of limited edition colors every so often (this color is permanent). Overall, I would definately reccomend it.


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